Internet users amazed by the artist’s incredible painting talents


The internet is full of videos of people showing off their extraordinary skills in art, dance, music, and many other genres that have yet to be cataloged. Interestingly, around six thousand videos are uploaded every second on Instagram alone. If we calculate the videos that are uploaded each day on all social media platforms, it is beyond imagination. However, talented people still find the classic approach to grabbing the attention of internet users. One of those incredible videos showing the skill of painting created a storm on the internet. Watch the viral video:

The video shared by a Twitter user named Lance opened up about creating a stunning portrait of nature. As the video progresses, the artist modifies the image of a city established by a sea. Subsequently, the artist applies dark colors to match the theme of the night to the portrait. His brush then moved to draw the picture of a fireworks display near a town facing the sea. In the end, the creator draws an image of the rising sun in order to project the sunset. Subsequently, the artist paints images of couples cuddling.

Internet users applaud the artist’s incredible talent in painting

Image: Twitter / @ SenpaiLRG

Meanwhile, the video that was shared on September 18 with the caption: “Imagine being this talented” created a storm on the internet. Since its sharing, it has garnered nearly two million views and the count is still ongoing. Thousands of internet users have also taken to the comments section to appreciate the artist. One of those users wrote: “Being artistic is such a flex … it’s beautiful.” “It’s just lovely! I consider it a good day when I write a readable signature,” commented other users. “I like to paint myself, and I made the mistake of thinking it was a basic technique until I saw the little details come in. Well done, artist!” commented the third user.

Take a look at other painting skills that have gone viral on social media platforms

While there are countless ways to create stunning works of art, one environmental enthusiast recently used the fast ocean waves for this purpose and her painting left everyone in awe. The young artist, identified as Yasmin, shared a brief video of the entire process on Instagram. “Please don’t use toxic paint if you try this,” she wrote alongside her post in order to prevent the melting of harmful chemicals and seawater. The video was originally shared on TikTok, but was later re-shared on Instagram. In the clip, the young artist is seen putting a few spoonfuls of paint on a piece of white paper. She then holds the paper inside the ocean as waves wash away the colors while forming a pattern. The scene then shifts to Yasmin creating amazing shapes and characters with the stained paint. Since it was shared, the clip has been viewed by over 16,000 people and the number is growing. “Breathtaking! Next-level creativity,” wrote one Instagram user. “The concept is so beautiful. I am totally amazed by this piece,” commented another.

(Image: Twitter / @ SenpaiLRG)

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