Introducing The Irregular Times, India’s premier quarterly art and design journal

In order to complement the diversity of creative projects showcased within its pages, the team decided that each page should have its own unique treatment. By doing away with the ‘traditional grid system’ entirely, the newspaper’s irregular format allows each element to be ‘more expressive’ as it communicates ’emotion’ through its headings and columns, says design director Pradhyumn Kag . While there are a few overriding elements that give the diary a sense of cohesion, studio BUNxPAV, which helped formulate its myriad elements, describes the process as a “steady state of progress.”

When designing the website for TIRT, the challenge was to create a visual identity that would complement the newspaper’s versatility and playfulness while establishing an overall brand image. Using typography as its “main graphic element,” BUNxPAV set out to reflect its “simple, clean black and white layout” while incorporating fun animated elements into the web design. For the next issue, graphic designer Rishav Paul hopes to develop the website’s interactive elements even further, while continuing to celebrate “the essence of the whole publication with all its quirks on one page”.

With all of this already under their belt, we asked the team what we can expect from the next issue in print this month. Vasudhaa explained to us, “We want our readers to discover a lot of artists, discover a really cool Tamil musician who is making waves on the world stage, try new South Asian recipes and go back to school with notebooks. fun exercises on paper. . We hope people can also learn more about women’s bodies, read about women-centered stories and experiences. We promise you’ll want to grab a copy once it’s available! »

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