Kenya: KFCB bans Badhaai Do, an Indian gay-themed film

Nairobi — The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has classified Indian film Badhaai Do as restricted to Kenya because it propagates a worldview that is at odds with our constitution and values.

The board said it received a request to review and classify the film ahead of a public screening in theaters in early February.

KFCB said the film failed the test after being assessed by internal and external reviewers.

“The Act has given KFCB responsibility for classifying all film content intended for broadcast to the public and, while undertaking this mandate, the board has noted an increase in audiovisual content which seeks to normalize gay themes and ideologies,” said KFCB acting CEO Christopher Wambua. news reported Monday.

The Council, through a statement, said the film’s producers intentionally attempted to present same-sex marriage as an acceptable way of life.

“The film about the gay and lesbian characters explicitly seeks to normalize their feelings for each other and ultimately convince families to embrace and empathize with them. The multiple scenes of lesbian and gay affection depicted in the film are at the complete disregard for our cultural values ​​and beliefs,” Wambua said.

The ban follows a similar ban imposed in 2021 when the audiovisual content regulator banned a gay-themed film titled ‘I am Samuel’, citing the producer’s ‘clear and deliberate attempt to promote same-sex marriage as an acceptable way of life”. .”

KFCB said the deliberate attempt to promote same-sex relationships could not be tolerated in Kenya.

Wambua noted that although adults have the right to choose what they consume, children and other vulnerable segments of society are at risk of corruption.

He appealed and urged parents, guardians and caregivers to be vigilant and supervise their children when watching television and other audiovisual content.

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