Kutztown student creations turned into edible art by Donut Lover’s Boom

Before the end of the school year, grade 3 and 4 students at Kutztown Elementary and Greenwich Elementary designed clay donuts in art class, then Donut Lover’s Boom recreated their creations for students to eat. .

Under the direction of art teacher Sara Fidler, the students created clay donuts and decorated them. Each class voted for their favorite, then Lidia Leiva of Donut Lover’s Boom created the edible version of the donut for the class.

“Who doesn’t like donuts!” The topic is relevant. It’s an identifiable object that most have had many experiences with,” Fidler said of the art project. “Having a connection to the subject evokes fond memories and adventures my students have had that involved a donut.”

  • Kutztown Elementary students sit with their clay donut creations that have been turned into edible art. (photo sent)

  • On the right, the creation in clay and on the left...

    On the right is the clay creation and on the left is the edible version. (photo sent)

  • Kutztown students with their clay creations and the real donut...

    Kutztown students with their clay creations and the real donut versions. (photo sent)

The goal of the project was to explore some sculpting skills and tips and tricks in a fun and “delicious” way.

“My main goal was for my students to find the joy of creating, using their hands to create something that looked like a donut creation that could be real in a bakery waiting to be bought and eaten. I wanted them to be as creative as possible while envisioning a donut they would really like to eat,” she said.

Fidler said the students talked a lot about artistic interpretation, especially when it came to turning a few select donuts into actual edible donuts.

“We discussed how Donut Lover’s Boom would take our beautiful artwork and create their interpretation of our pieces. We discussed how Lidia saw our work and how she created her version of this donut. It’s a collaboration,” Fidler said.

The involvement of a community business owner was also an important part of the learning experience.

“We discuss how the art of making and decorating donuts is just that, an art. It’s a skill that develops and is practiced just as we develop and practice our artistic skills in the classroom,” Fidler said. “Incorporating Donut Lovers has opened their eyes to another creative career they may not have thought of. Culinary arts and craftsmanship is a huge area to consider when thinking jobs in the arts.

Fidler thanks Leiva and Donut Lovers for making student art a reality.

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