Lil Nas X fan aggressively confronts Boosie over Nas X


For months now, there has seemed to be a very unusual feud between Lil Nas X and popular Louisiana rapper Boosie. Since the end of the summer, Boosie has appeared on social media regularly and expressed his disapproval of the way Nas X expresses himself as a gay man.

A few weeks ago, Boosie even took to Twitter to post more homophobic content, where he encouraged Nas X to take his own life. Boosie even claimed the world would be a better place without him. Social media immediately began canceling Boosie and asked Twitter to ban his account.


Nas X fan has a passionate showdown with Boosie

In a new viral clip that surfaced online, a man in a purple jacket, with sunglasses, aggressively approached Boosie. He claimed that Nas X was his “niece” and made it known that he would fight Boosie, following comments made against Nas X. At first, Boosie seemed very confused, but then Boosie started to express his own anger.

Boosie hurls homophobic slurs at Nas X fan

In Boosie’s response to this Nas X fan, Boosie angrily told him to run away. He also called the man a homophobic insult, who was labeled as a “f * ggot ass b * tch”.

“No matter what you do, you better fuck it [out of here]. “Fuck you, bitch! Ass fucking bitch!

When Boosie started shouting this insult, a woman in his circle started telling him to “come on” and leave this confrontation. At the same time, the Nas X fan continued to hold on.

Boosie claims he doesn’t hate Nas X

Prior to this incident, Boosie posted a video on social media, in which he stressed that he did not hate Nas X. He added that he was not the type to turn Nas X’s music when she is aired, but he doesn’t approve of the way the “Industry Baby” artist acts. It happened as Nas X’s chart-topping single “Industry Baby” starring Jack Harlow played in the background for Boosie’s social media post. Boosie ended up pretending it was a television near him, playing the song.

Boosie also added that he just puts people in their place, when they are “out of line”. This apparently refers to visual content, in music videos and Nas X’s performances.

Nas X received support from his father and brother

Following Boosie’s disgusting comments against Nas X on Twitter, Nas X’s family were sure to support him. This included his father and his brother. His father believed that Boosie was very hypocritical, due to the graphic content that Boosie put in his own music. Nas X’s brother has stated that Nas X is on his way to becoming a billionaire at 22, and that’s why Boosie is angry. He also took another hit on Boosie, calling the movie he released last month, “trash.”


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