Lizzo’s bags reveal his playful attitude towards accessories

Lizzo embodies confidence and independence. This extends to everything she does, from the music she plays to her style. If you follow her on TikTok and Instagram, you will notice that the singer is not taking the fashion. too much seriously – she enjoys having fun with colors, experimenting with bold graphics, and investing in designer products. Her playful style is most reflected in the type of bags Lizzo carries. The “Truth Hurts” singer gravitates towards whimsical clutch bags and colorful mini shoulder bags. You might even remember when Lizzo’s Valentino micro handbag at the 2019 American Music Awards went viral and inspired hundreds of memes.

Since then, the star has been spotted carrying several smaller handbags like Prada and Brandon Blackwood. Besides keeping its fashion fun and light, they also often contain a deeper meaning. She wore a Vote dress to the 2020 Billboard Music Awards (she was part of the Biden team) and recently carried a bag from the black label CISE that said “Protect Black People”. Lizzo is a champion of racial justice and isn’t afraid to speak out on issues that matter to her. Lizzo’s accessories are a clear representation of her loving personality and one that deserves to be celebrated. Coming up, TZR has rounded up some of their best bag moments yet and where you can buy them as well.

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A daring playful bag


On June 27, Lizzo made a bold statement with her outfit when she wore a corset top with her face printed on Mona Lisa. She kept the rest of her outfit shiny and alive with a short pink Pepto-Bismol jacket, skirt and a matching Prada bag. The Re-Edition 2000 Terry bag is a much sought after item by fashion girls and Lizzo loves the piece for summer because she has worn it twice before. Although the exact color of her bag is currently not available, the luxury handbag comes in other shades such as a White cream and a lemon yellow. Wear your own Prada bag with a funky miniskirt or graphic top like Lizzo did.

A bag that delivers a message


The singer is a paradigmatic leader in the defense of racial justice and her fashion can reflect that. In May, the singer wore a powder blue bag from CISE that read “Protect Black People” as she dined. (The brand is a Los Angeles-based black-owned clothing line whose mission is to support the black community through their designs.) That same month, she addressed racism and violence during the Minneapolis protests on her Instagram live. She said, “Black people are tired. We are so tired. It is not a political question. The question is in politics, but it is not a political question. It is so much deeper than politics. It’s in the veins of this country … there is racism running through its veins.

A whimsical bag

At the 2020 Brit Awards, the singer wore a personalized Moschino dress by Jeremy Scott, where she looked like she was encased in chocolate bar wrapper. The stage artist didn’t stop there, but continued the theme with chocolate bar nail art and a sparkling candy-themed pouch from Judith Leiber. The accessory looked so utterly delicious that Lizzo even had a playful time with it for the cameras – she pretended to take a bite out of her purse.

A reliable outlet pocket

Erik Voake / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

For Spotify’s 2020 Best New Artist Party in Los Angeles, the rapper wearing an elegant black leather mini dress with a high neck and long feathered sleeves. The hem of her dress was also adorned with cool details. To add some sparkle and glitter to her moody ensemble, Lizzo wore a Mori clutch by Bienen Davis with her name written on it. The letters shone on the red carpet and reminded everyone why a glittery handbag is a must-have party piece.

A trendy bag

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Lizzo’s tiny Valentino bag went viral at the 2019 AMAs, inspiring memes and fan comments. The singer revealed in a pre-show interview that her handbag was “one of only three in the world.” The accessory is still memorable to this day and is one of Lizzo’s best bag moments. While you can’t buy this one exactly, the luxury brand has a similar styling dubbed the Mini VSLING, which will hold more than a Tic Tac. This style comes in a range of colors such as optical white, black, metallic silver and even raffia with a herringbone pattern. It can hold your personal belongings such as wallet, makeup bag and phone.

A classic shoulder bag

Shareif Ziyadat / WireImage / Getty Images

Lizzo likes to have a theme for each set. For the celebration of Missy Elliott’s Video Vanguard Award in 2019, Lizzo chose the theme of strong impressions. To add some color to her black heart-shaped gloves and matching strapless dress, she wore a multicolored Louis Vuitton Pochette Monogram bag. Additionally, the artist wore her hair in a high ponytail with a KiraKira scünci crystal scrunchie. If you want to take inspiration from this look, wear the monogram bag with your own printed dress or pair it with a more minimalist go out top.

A Logomania bag

Mark R. Milan / GC Images / Getty Images

In November 2019, Lizzo wore a neutral color look with a light beige dress and a Gucci logo jacket thrown on top. A fan of micro-accessories, she accessorized the outfit with a Fendi Mini Roma Amor Mon Tresor bucket bag. The neon accents of Lizzo’s bag contrasted with her brown ensemble and it was the perfect way to add some color to her monochrome outfit. This bucket bag is another Lizzo favorite, as she’s worn it multiple times. The mini size is sold out everywhere, but Fendi has the original Mon Tresor available for purchase.

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