Marcos Farina’s mind-boggling latest picture book explores our connection to the animal kingdom

Produced by Little Gestalten, a publishing house that operates on the philosophy that you shouldn’t give a child a book you wouldn’t read yourself, The Animal Show is a visual feast of all manner of creatures. Young and old alike, including beloved pets and friendly beasts, animals of all stripes (no pun intended) receive a charming introduction to young readers.

And for the first time for the publisher, this book is printed on pretty big cards so that young people can enjoy it more easily (a gesture that will probably also extend the life of the book). Featuring illustrations in a retro style that depict animals going about their daily activities like bathing or eating a snack, The Animal Show is intended to support the early development of young readers.

The publisher adds: “This illustrated book features monkeys, bears, owls, sloths, penguins, pelicans, ants and woodpeckers in ten pairs, exercising children’s understanding in a fun way that brings understanding. joy to babies, toddlers and adults. “

And as an accomplishment of Little Gestalten’s publishing principles, this book’s chunky pages abound for adults as well. Marcos’ artistic style, rooted in the retro aesthetic after being perfected at the University of Buenos Aires, is a visual delight thanks to his endearing character design, use of color, and careful composition.

He didn’t just lend his talents to the pictures either. Marco also designed and produced the text that goes under each page. And by choosing animal names and their corresponding activity in larger, specially designed colorful type, even the youngest readers will be able to relate the words to the pictures. And more importantly, they can also convey their newfound appreciation to our animal friends in the real world.

The animal show is available for order now in UK for £ 8.95, with an international release scheduled for January 25, 2022.

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