Marin Software Incorporated: Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which is Best for Your Business?

Deciding between Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads can be tricky when it comes to a tight budget. You can still split your ad spend between the two platforms, but you’ll get a better return on investment by allocating your entire budget to the platform that’s most effective for your company’s target audience. Not sure what platform it is? In this article, we explain how to choose a social media advertising platform, every step of the way.

Where is your audience

Audience is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a social media advertising platform. After all, advertising on a platform that your target audience doesn’t frequent is like throwing dollars to the wind.

Analyze your target demographic to find out which social media platforms they use the most. Most brands have the best chance of finding their target audience on Facebook, as it’s more than twice the size of Instagram. Instagram users also tend to be younger, but that is changing.

Another factor to consider: Facebook’s audience targeting is a bit more detailed than Instagram’s native targeting features. Since Facebook offers more audience refinement toolsbrands with hyper-specific target audiences might have more success with Facebook ads.

What best suits your content

Platforms mostly share the same available content formats. Options include:

  • Carousel: two or more images or videos

  • Single media: an image or a video

  • Boost existing content

What’s remarkable here is that Facebook captions can include clickable links, while Instagram captions don’t. On Instagram, you must use the included call to action buttons. These do the job, but you can only direct viewers to one link.

Your content should match your advertising objective. It is therefore important to consider the purpose of your content on each platform. Facebook is geared towards sharing information and interacting with loved ones, while Instagram is extremely visual (leaning more into video with each algorithm update).

That said, compelling visuals should run on Instagram, while high-copy ads should be reserved for Facebook.

Your target goals

Your advertising objective should also impact your choice of platform. Facebook is the best way to get website clicks or views/engagements for written content. Instagram is great for building brand awareness with visuals.

Some advertisers claim that Instagram is best for brand awareness and Facebook is best for lead generation and sales. In fact, it depends on the industry and the public.

Instagram is capitalizing more on e-commerce these days with features like Instagram purchases (where users can complete their purchase from start to finish without ever leaving the app).

The best way to determine which platform best suits your goals is to test and review analytics.

Your industry

If your industry doesn’t have a strong presence on a certain platform, advertising may be cheaper. This is only a good option if your audience uses this platform.

You may find that some industries are better suited to a platform because their audience uses it more. Additionally, some industries can easily create visual content, while others rely heavily on longer content.

Facebook offers the creation of communities, such as groups, which help advertisers to create communities within their target audiences. This makes Facebook the best choice for brands that rely on building a community to drive sales. Analytics and automation help improve performance

Analytics and automation help improve performance

Ultimately, both ad platforms deliver a high ROI, and most businesses can be successful with either one. When identifying what is most effective for your business, MarinOne has the tools to help. analyze The performance of Facebook and Instagram side by side and do the same daily recommendations to increase revenue and reduce costs. Your data will reveal the most effective platform, locations, and types of content for your target audience.

Message Booster can automatically convert high-performing organic content into paid ads on Facebook or Instagram to help you leverage content that resonates well with your audience. And MarinOne’s flexible rules engine optimizes auctions based on your criteria.

Click on here to learn more about what MarinOne can do for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

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