Milo, bringing animation to the encrypted digital realm,

Macao, China, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Animation is the technique of shooting an object frame by frame and playing it continuously to create movement. Based on this technique, the artistic and ideological connotations of the producers are a series of artworks that encompass cultural, historical, social, emotional and natural themes. Compared to other forms of artistic creation, such as literature and fine art, the greatest appeal of animated films is their movement.

As we all know, the metaverse is a virtual world that is linked and created by technological means, a virtual world that maps and interacts with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system. The metaverse is essentially the process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world, which requires many transformations in content production, economic systems, user experience, and physical world content.

Milo, Bringing Animation to the Encrypted Digital Realm, Becomes a Metaverse Phenomenal Product

Recently, a product called MiloInu swept the crypto-digital market. It is worth mentioning that MiloInu is a project based on Binance Smart Chain, which aims to create a virtual idol IP based on the crypto market. It enriches the IP image through anime episodes and expands the industry chain of NFTs, Physical Figures, Peripheral Products, GameFi Offline Competitions and eSports, respectively. Use professional marketing and advertising to promote online and offline intellectual property, as well as cryptocurrency, NFT and GameFi. It supplements internal and external funds to alleviate the current circulation problems in the crypto market, and uses multi-directional promotion to break down barriers to internal circulation of cryptocurrency, which aims to create a new generation of works representative crypto, and let the phenomenal intellectual property has become the absolute mainstream in the metaverse world.

Currently, there are many digital crypto products. It is understood that some crypto-rooted investment institutions have already tapped into the project. If MiloInu can stand out with its phenomenal animated IP, it is bound to attract a huge amount of attention.

Milo Inu

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