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Although Skyrim has seen many reissues and even visual remasters, older Old scrolls the games haven’t received quite the same treatment from Bethesda. In particular, the fan favorite RPG Morrowind has been seriously under-represented in Old scrolls content despite the fact that many longtime players in the series want the game to receive an upgrade. Fortunately, Morrowind The online community has a few solutions in the meantime, most notably in the form of mods that help bring its graphics up to date with current technology. With the right visual upgrades and adjustments (and enough of them working together), Morrowind can be even more beautiful than ready to use Skyrim despite its release almost ten years earlier.


Since its initial release in 2011, Skyrim actually saw fifteen reissues across ten different platforms, the most recent being from 2012 Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Most of these versions also added additional content to the base game, ranging from The legend of Zelda crossed elements introduced in the Switch version of Skyrim to the multitude of elements of the Bethesda Creation Club added to Skyrim Anniversary Edition. While many fans enjoyed the multiple versions of the game, especially given the longevity added to the game thanks to all the new content, others feel that Bethesda is not prioritizing the development of The Elder Scrolls 6 and the chance to refresh many older games in the series.

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Despite these missed opportunities, the Old scrolls The fan community is active and dedicated to keeping many of the franchise’s most iconic games alive, even almost twenty years after their initial release. Morrowind alone, thousands of mods available for download on the game Link page, ranging from new animations to improved armor textures and character models, making it worth it for those who want to tweak their game on a small scale or completely overhaul everything from characters to landscapes. Perhaps the most notable and well-known visual mod for Morrowind is the TESR Skywind fan project, which aims to completely redo Morrowind in the more modern game engine of Skyrim: Special Edition. However, there is currently no concrete release date for the Total Conversion mod, and the creators have been careful not to disclose much information about the mod’s progress. As such, Morrowind fans should still look to the original game’s modding community for visual improvements in the meantime. Here are some of the best mods to look for for players who want to relive the journey through Vvardenfell Island in a whole new way.

Morrowind’s best visual mods for overall improvements

Morrowind Mods that make it prettier than Skyrim Improved overall visual improvements Graphics

Those looking for an all-in-one upgrade for Morrowindgraphics should look no further than MGE XE (photo above), an improved version of the original Morrowind Graphics Extender and a full complement to the base game visuals. It allows for longer viewing distances, improved lighting, shaders, new water rendering and countless other tweaks to make the game more up-to-date with subtlety but efficiency with current Bethesda versions like Skyrim. Arguably the main selling point of the mod is its render distance. One of SkyrimThe most iconic aspect of was the ability for players to stand on top of a mountain and see an entire region spread out in front of them, and being able to see the same level of detail in MorrowindThe vast landscape of is awe-inspiring even for the game’s oldest players – though it is a reminder that the world is smaller than the games that followed it. In the same way, Morrowind Improved revision combines weather, lighting, and even loading screen mods to create an all-in-one update for in-game visuals.

Another way to dramatically improve Morrowindgraphics without putting too much strain on a system is to improve the actual meshes of various elements around the world. MorrowindThe meshes are of relatively low quality, likely to save space and perform under the constraints of early graphics cards. Such restrictions are no longer really necessary and the Old scrolls the series branched out into new tech, meaning modders were able to remake Morrowind ‘s Much more detailed 3D models than those originally shown in the game. Better meshes and optimization to MorrowindThe Nexus Page does just that, seamlessly replacing the original meshes with low-poly but higher quality versions that will look impressive without requiring too much processing power.

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Best Morrowind scaled textures for landscapes

Morrowind Upscaled Landscape Textures

Morrowind players looking for a mod that is less intensive than Morrowind Rather, the improved review can look to Morrowind Improved textures (pictured above), which leaves out a lot of lighting improvements and other large-scale changes to just make all the textures in the game bigger using machine learning. It helps to do MorrowindTextures are less blurry on modern screen resolutions, for a sharper viewing experience. Likewise, the Landscape retexturing mod remakes the textures of each region of the game and is available in 1K and 2K versions. Everything from tree bark to dirt and brick paths looks cleaner and more detailed.

The best Morrowind foliage mods for amazing grass, trees and plants

Morrowind Mods that make it prettier than Skyrim Trees Grass Plants Greenery models

A Morrowind modder on Nexus by username Vurt created several mods that improve Morrowind, the greenery scattered throughout the region in particular. Vurt’s ground cover Creates lively ground cover in most areas of the game, including flowers and patches of grass. There are also separate mods for each other’s trees. Morrowind region, from Solstheim to the Bitter Coast, effectively allowing players to replace every tree in the game with entirely new models.

Morrowind’s best visual leveling mods for clothing and armor

Morrowind Mods that make it prettier than NPCs in Skyrim Elder Scrolls Armor Clothing

The textures of the clothes in Morrowind are also of poor quality considering the game’s release time. Fortunately, their appearance can also be improved with the use of mods. Best official version clothes replaces all segmented clothing models presented in Morrowind with higher quality versions, altering the appearance of clothing in stores, on NPCs, and in inventory. Also, Better Morrowind Armor Replaces chain mail from in-game armor sets with upgraded versions, with the exception of shields, gauntlets, and helmets. Both mods are compatible with the popular mod Better bodies, which changes the character patterns of MorrowindNPCs as well as the player character.

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Best Morrowind mods to upgrade NPC and player faces and animations

Morrowind Face Mods

Compared to the character models shown in Skyrim, those seen in older games like Oversight and Morrowind are of relatively poor quality and outdated by current standards. There are plenty of mods that aim to improve this by replacing facial textures seen in the game with improved meshes, textures, and even new animations replacing the notoriously rigid ones in the vanilla game. the Animation compilation includes new running, walking and attacking animations, as well as different magic spellcasting animations of different varieties. This helps the game to appear a lot smoother, more on par with Skyrimthe characters of.

For those Morrowind players looking for better facial textures instead, THE compilation of masks brings together the works of more than 50 Morrowind modders into one overall mod that adds a variety of new faces and hair to the game, building significantly on the few offerings on offer in the base game. It should be noted that it also replaces the original hair and faces of all NPC characters, so players should keep this in mind before proceeding with the installation. For those looking to bring the entire population of Vvardenfell closer to the characters featured in Skyrim, however, it’s a great way to enhance some of the duller visuals in any of the Old scrolls best games in the series.

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