Most Indian Millennials, Gen Z Consume Audio To Reduce Stress: Report

New Delhi:

In India, 87% of Gen Y and 77% of Gen Z agree they use audio to reduce their stress levels, according to a report.

Additionally, 84% of millennials see audio as a resource for mental health, while 79% of Zs believe audio is a cure, according to Spotify’s annual report on Global Culture and Trends.

The report explores how Millennials and Zs are tackling a common challenge to rebuild culture from scratch as the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt our idea of ​​normalcy and the role of digital audio in their lives. This is the second year that India has been featured in the report, alongside 17 other Spotify markets.

The survey was conducted in 18 markets, with 9,000 respondents from Generation Y and Generation Z (500 per market): United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United States United, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Malaysia.

Overall, three observations emerge. First, 70% of Millennials and 62% of Zs believe that streaming platforms in general, including audio, have dramatically shaped the way they discover and connect with a larger culture. Second, 55% of Millennials and 47% of Gen Z believe they are now part of a global community through music or podcasts. Third, a majority of them believe that brands have the power to create communities based on common interests and passion.

In India, the report highlights how audio is a “healthier” type of content than visual content for Millennials and Zs. Key highlights from India are shared below:

Audio encourages millennials and Z’s to tune in to themselves

* As the impact of digital content on our well-being becomes increasingly clear, Millennials and Zs are moving towards a more fulfilling and balanced media regime.

* Eighty-seven percent of millennials and 77 percent of Z’s agree they use audio to reduce stress * Eighty-four percent of millennials see audio as a mental health resource , while 79 percent of Zs think audio is healing.

* Almost 80% of Millennials and 55% of Z are now part of a global community because of music or podcasts. Podcasters are seen to be genuine, accessible and trustworthy.

* Forty-eight percent of Millennials and Gen Z rated their trust in podcasts higher than their average trust in traditional media sources, including national TV news, newspapers and radio.

* Average podcast listening increased 271% among Millennials and over 300% among Zs in Q1 2021 compared to Q1 2020. Mental Health has seen the most impressive growth as a genre, with an increase of over 600% among millennials and over 900 percent among Z. Other popular genres: alternative health, spirituality, mutual aid.

* Fifty-eight percent of Millennials and 76 percent of Zs said they have searched for content from more diverse creators and podcasts in the past year.

* Almost 80% of Millennials and almost 70% of Zs agreed that podcast hosts “sometimes feel like friends”.

Generation Z is stealing the spotlight from Spotify music streaming in India.

* Eighty percent of Z’s feel “more centered and generally happier” when listening to their favorite music on a daily basis * They streamed audio to Spotify through connected devices more often in Q1 2021 compared to first quarter of 2020, with the largest increase in car listening (over 2,100 percent), smart speakers (around 360 percent), TVs (nearly 180 percent), as well as portable devices, home computers desktop and video games * Among Z’s, Spotify’s hyperpop playlist grew 175% from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021.

* Forty-three percent of Z Spotify users said they heard a song on social media and then searched for it on the audio streaming platform.

* Millennials – with more years behind them – have particularly relied on nostalgic playlists for relief during the pandemic. In India, they released 195% more hits from the 80s and 44% more love songs from the 70s between March 2021 and the year before.

* Finally, 84% of millennials and 68% of Z believe that music is a gateway to other cultures.

According to Arjun Kolady, Sales Manager – India, Spotify: “For both generations, audio is the most immersive form of media and there is a great opportunity for brands to build communities and campaigns based on common interests. and the passion of their target audience on our Platform.

Z listeners on Spotify in India expect brands to represent and empower them through their campaigns, talent partnerships and active role in social justice movements. Meanwhile, 68% of millennials said they love audio advertising because it allows them to use their imaginations to imagine everything in their head. These are just some of the information that gives brands a context to think about how they can work with us. “

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