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Coco & Cordelia, on Main Street in Cherry Valley, offers unique merchandise including handmade jewelry, heirloom-quality rag dolls, origami-style handbags, and other locally crafted and selected artistry.

The store is owned by Diana Stiles, a self-taught fiber artist and jewelry designer whose designs make up a large portion of the inventory. According to the East Coast Fiber Arts Center, fiber art is art made from fabrics, yarns, and other textiles.

Stiles said all of his energy is focused on the creative process and the store. She said the variety and quality of the inventory is unique, defying classification.

“It’s a magical place. You never know what you’ll find, said Stiles. She says she applied her passion for interior design to the store and to the presentation of her inventory.

Stiles said his jewelry is handmade and forged. “It’s unique, you won’t find anything else like it,” she said.

Stiles said some of the ways the store is decorated are inspired by time spent in Paris. “It’s a bit like Paris in Cherry Valley. Stiles added that the design of several of his rag dolls is also inspired by Paris.
Stiles, originally from New York, has 25 years of experience in fundraising and development. During her career, she has always done a lot of artistic projects in parallel. Before coming to Cherry Valley, Stiles lived in Amherst, Massachusetts for a while. New fundraising and development work has brought Stiles to Cherry Valley.

Then, when the post was abolished less than a year later, she had to decide what to do next. At the same time, the small building that now houses Coco & Cordelia was for sale.

Stiles, having a large inventory of his own art, decided to open a store. She said if you had asked her a few years earlier, she would never have thought she would own a small business.

Many of the same skills Stiles used in development and fundraising come in handy as a business owner. She said these skills include one-on-one communication, authenticity, and understanding what makes people tick.

Now, Stiles has said that one of his favorite parts of owning Coco & Cordelia is connecting with others, whether they’re local or just passing through. She said Coco & Cordelia has become a hub for artists, writers and creatives who love to browse the store and talk with her about the creative process. She said she loved the experience of focusing on her art and being a business owner.

Stiles said she felt at home in Cherry Valley. “I feel welcome, loved and supported. There is so much positive energy, especially for artists, writers, and other creative people. “

The large number of women-owned businesses in Cherry Valley is another reason she’s proud to call the area, Styles said.

Pamela Noonan is Stiles’ sister-in-law and creates ceramics available at Coco & Cordelia.
Noonan, who has lived in Cherry Valley for 20 years, admires Stiles’ courage to move to a new area and start a new business during a pandemic.

“She is a visionary with phenomenal motivation and ambition,” Noonan said.

Noonan said Stiles’ love of creativity is contagious, and she helps customers feel connected to the creative process and the story behind every handcrafted item.

Stiles said Coco & Cordelia is now decorated and stocked for Halloween and fall. Until December, it will remain open from Thursday to Sunday, from noon to 6 p.m. Stiles said that aside from Valentine’s Day when the store will be open for a few days, her store will be closed for most of the winter so she can work on a new store. articles and focus on its online store.

Stiles said that in the near future, Coco & Cordelia will be offering sewing, jewelry making and needle felting workshops.

Coco & Cordelia is located at 14 Main Street in Cherry Valley.

For more details on Coco & Cordelia, visit or find Coco & Cordelia on Facebook or Instagram.

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