New York Governor Candidate Andrew Giuliani Claims TV Discrimination – Deadline

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani will not get a chance. But he wants television to give him a chance to convince voters.

Giuliani, the son of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, claims local New York news station NY1 banned him from their studios for the upcoming governor’s debate because he is not not vaccinated.

Last week, CBS also banned Andrew Giuliani from participating in their studio debate due to his vaccination status.

Andrew Giuliani says he should be allowed to debate rival candidates Lee Zeldin, Harry Wilson and Rob Astorino. He offered a neutral venue or the cable news channel’s Chelsea studio.

“NY1 Spectrum News has imposed a COVID mandate, saying I can’t actually come back into the building anymore,” he said at a press conference on Sunday.

“Your stance is a blatant act of discrimination and selective treatment of the leading Republican primary candidate,” he wrote to the station’s political director, Robert Hardt. “Your decision to banish me to a remote location interferes with the ability of Republican voters to make an informed decision on June 28.”

Andrew Giuliani claimed he was in the NY1 studio on April 27. NY1 said he should not have been allowed into the studio in April, with a spokesperson saying all guests must be vaccinated and that Giuliani was aware of this when he accepted the invitation to the debate.

“Mr. Giuliani accepted the invitation to the debate knowing the rules and parameters, which include the need to be vaccinated to appear live. He will be online, with the same visual space as the others, and we are even sending a catwalk with our film crew to ensure a similar look and feel for our viewers,” Huff said.

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