The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Australia’s leading educator of the performing and screen arts, is poised to become one of the leading educators of sustainability in the creative and cultural arts industries .

In 2021, the Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS) has been tasked with providing NIDA staff and students with the motivation and tools to embark on the journey towards a sustainable NIDA. The resulting NIDA sustainability strategy sees NIDA becoming a fully regenerative and climate positive organization by 2030.

To realize this vision, NIDA will need to make a fundamental transition, particularly in its “production practices”, to replace “take, make, waste” with new protocols for circular waste management. Sustainable production practices require everyone to play a part, from creating the original story to decommissioning the whole thing.

NIDA is committed to developing and delivering sustainable practices to its staff and students and, in turn, to sharing its sustainability roadmap and championing change in the creative and cultural arts industries. Empowering the next generation of emerging talent with deep sustainability skills will make a vital contribution to progressive artistic practice and expand the power of the creative economy.

Do you have a question or a comment. Please contact our sustainability manager:
[email protected]

NIDA is fortunate to be able to draw on the wealth of green guides, tools and resources from the many theater and green screen initiatives around the world over the past decade.


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