North Carolina A&T Freshman Launches College Clothing Line

Kayla smith, a first-year marketing student with honors at North Carolina A&T State University, has taken campus by storm with her fashion clothing line, KCubed. Smith learned to sew at the age of 12 and decided to take his talents to a new level by entering high school and starting his own custom clothing store.

She didn’t just do the traditional and common t-shirt. Smith’s business specialized in caps, belts, beanies and even tracksuits. After graduating from high school, the Atlanta native decided to move her business from Georgia to her dorm room at Blair Hall. “As an out-of-state student, I knew I wanted to continue my business to help with tuition,” Smith said.

Kayla Smith’s freshman year at North Carolina A&T was filled with orders and KCubed instantly blossomed as she set foot on campus. Smith’s daily routine involves checking his company’s social media accounts for order requests about once or twice a day. At the end of the week, she gathers all the order requests for the week, then begins to start her designs, purchase the clothes, and work on all the orders at once for the best return. Due to her growing success, she is set to launch the KCubed Ambassador Program in January 2022 to help spread the word as well as meet the daily needs of her business. She wants to select 10 students from all categories to represent an array of items from the KCubed store so that she can meet the sartorial needs of every student for any occasion.

Courtesy of: Kayla Smith

As a freshman in college, maintaining a business, an Ambassador program, and staying on top of honor level courses can be overwhelming. Smith shares: “Time management is the most important key to trying to have a school life and a family / friend life.”

Smith also admits that running a business at this pace can be intimidating, but her family and friends keep her convinced it will help her achieve her overarching goal of breaking into fashion. “My goal is to make 6 minifigures per junior year, branch out and have a warehouse in Greensboro, and hire a crew to help me out.”

Due to the success of KCubed, she plans to eventually become a double major in Fashion Merchandising and Graphic Design in the spring of 2021 to take courses that can help her achieve her goal of developing KCubed. Kayla provides an incredible example of what it means to have a vision and act on it. It presents the principle of pride that our Aggies have.


Kaylah Kelty is a senior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, she is pursuing her BS in Journalism and Mass Communication with a specialization in Public Relations. She focuses her PR art on the entertainment and travel industry.

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