ONEArmenia and GIZ will jointly develop the tourism potential of northern Armenia

The EU4Business project “Innovative Tourism and Technological Development for Armenia” implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and ONEArmenia have concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation on consolidating efforts to improve tourism in the northern regions of Armenia.

The “Inside Armenia: Enhancing Tourism Experiences” project aims to identify up to 10 innovative tourism experiences in Tavush, Lori and Shirak and improve them to offer to Armenian visitors.

Mediamax participated in the signing of the cooperation protocol and unveiled the details of the project.

“Since 2021, ONEArmenia has made the decision to direct all its potential towards the development of tourism products in Armenia. Our main goal is to make Armenia the number one destination in the Caucasus for tourists. The project to be implemented is only one aspect of this objective. “We plan to use it to work with a variety of tourism experiences in Armenia’s northern provinces and build their capacity,” noted Anahit Nazaryan, National Director of ONEArmenia.

Anahit Nazaryan and Wilhelm Hugo

Photo: Mediamax

According to her, research conducted over the past year revealed that textual and visual content is what is most lacking in the tourism industry in Armenia.

“As part of the project, we will select, according to our criteria, up to 10 tourism experiences in the marzes of Tavush, Lori and Shirak and develop them to become competitive. We will focus specifically on creating visual content and textual and will put the story of these experiences in the spotlight, this is what is missing in Armenia currently, there is a lack of quality photo and video content related to tourism”, mentions Anahit Nazaryan.

In terms of selection criteria, great importance will be given to projects related to local food and wine. It is also envisaged to select specific cultural experiences related to crafts, for example pottery or carpet weaving:

“Tourists will have the opportunity to participate, for example, in clay work, to get acquainted with other crafts and thus to know the Armenian culture. Non-extreme projects related to adventure tourism, such as hiking , cycling, horse riding can also be included. Visits to provincial towns are also of great interest, as they are currently less accessible to tourists. We would like to work with health experiences, for example baths in springs natural hot water, apitherapy – the treatment of bees. Meetings with experts from various fields are also interesting for us, as they contain an educational component. For example, meeting with a blacksmith in his workshop, during which you can learn different skills.There are tourists who are interested in specific professional experiences and want to meet masters in different countries. learn from them,” adds Anahit Nazaryan.

Anahit Nazarian Anahit Nazarian

Photo: Mediamax

The preparatory phase of the project is carried out and the practical part will soon begin.

“We will announce a call for proposals, where people from the three northern regions of Armenia will have the opportunity to apply for the project and present their tourism ideas. We will work individually on each selected project based on a preliminary evaluation of the There is very little time left before the opening of the tourist season, but we already want to start presenting the selected experiences this year and offering them to visitors to Armenia,” says Anahit Nazaryan.

She adds that this program is important not only in terms of increasing Armenia’s recognition on tourist maps, but also as a source of income for local residents.

Anahit Nazarian Anahit Nazarian

Photo: Mediamax

“When it comes to experiential tourism, there is already an estimated figure; in this type of tourism, about 66% of the income stays in the community. This is a very good indicator. The more active movement of people in the community is “, the more positively it affects the lives of the people of the community. In this respect and in this field, we have no competitors as such and to achieve our goal, we are ready to cooperate with anyone who wishes.” , says Anahit Nazaryan.

Anahit Nazaryan and Wilhelm Hugo Anahit Nazaryan and Wilhelm Hugo

Photo: Mediamax

“We are looking forward to collaborating with ONEArmenia on this project, as we had a very good experience working together in the past,” Wilhelm Hugo, the EU4Business Team Leader “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD )” project.

He notes that to achieve good results, it is crucial to have strong partners.

William Hugo William Hugo

Photo: Mediamax

“We have a shared vision with ONEArmenia, which is anchored on quality, sustainability and enhancement of tourism products. The duration of the project to be implemented through such collaboration is one year. I am optimistic that we will see positive results, and we are committed to supporting other projects in the future.ONEArmenia is one of our partners that is bringing change in Armenia and we are ready to support them.

Yana Shakhramanyan

Photos by Emin Aristakesyan

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