Online news company champions journalism free from bias and partiality is a news organization whose explicit goal is to promote diversity and objectivity in modern journalism.

One of the major complaints about journalism today is the blatant bias in daily news coverage. From all indications, it seems that the news media of the modern age do not care to hide their biases and report the news objectively. This attitude has led to a situation where the major media houses only cater to audiences of different political spectrums. It was this chaos that a group of independent journalists saw and decided to do something about. is their solution to the lack of objectivity in modern journalism. is a news organization created by a team of professional journalists with the aim of seeking to promote a new alternative to the age of online media based on diversity and impartiality. The organization, which came into being on September 13, 2013, is a liberal media outlet focused primarily on solving the most pressing political, social and economic issues through text and visual content. Nine years after its establishment, has managed to bring its readers and viewers creative visual content through the video news segment, an innovation in the media market in Kosovo. took a short break from creating video content, but is back with full force. The organization announced its return to the video content market with video projects and daily stories on a variety of topics. His documentary, PASOJË, is a groundbreaking project that tells the stories of Kosovar men who were raped during the Kosovo war. In PASOJË, men who have suffered in silence for more than two decades due to rape stigma boldly tell their stories and their ordeals for the very first time. This groundbreaking project has been skillfully put together by’s team of journalists and health professionals. His other video content is a news project focusing on the story of different people in Kosovo and Mirage, a showbiz program.

Through its daily stories, also discusses various topics such as the socio-economic situation of Kosovo citizens, various historical and natural sights, and tourism potential. It further assesses citizens’ views on important processes in Kosovo to promote their participation in decision-making, promoting people with interesting talents and skills.

Since its inception, has conducted research and reports on various events of great importance that have had an impact on political and social life in Kosovo. The main objective of the organization is to be a liberal and alternative media offering unbiased views on development and a constructive approach in examining issues that divide society. Celebrating a decade since its inception, is ready to bring readers a new way of doing journalism, in terms of online media dynamics with a focus on professionalism and standards of journalism at work. can be followed on its Facebook, Youtube, Twitterand instagram canals.

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