Pacsun continues to embody youth culture with the launch of Pacsun Kids


LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pacsun officially announced today a brand new category, Pacsun children, available today on, with special pop-up stores later this year at Pacsun’s DTLA and NYC flagship stores. Pacsun Kids will offer genderless wardrobe choices for an age range between 4 and 14 years old. Recently ranking third among teenage favorite clothing brands, Pacsun Kids is a natural extension of the main Pacsun brand and has long been awaited by younger consumers who are waiting to “grow up” to the opportunity to wear Pacsun.

The Pacsun Kids label product is designed entirely without gender. There are no specific “girl or boy” styles or cuts and everything is designed and created for everyone. The brands Pacsun has chosen to organize and launch alongside the Pacsun Kids brand also embody the ethics of genderless clothing. Pacsun is proud to offer children’s models from partner brands such as FOG Essentials Kids, Adidas, Santa Cruz, Vans, Champion, and many more.

Pacsun’s commitment from a brand and lifestyle perspective is to embrace the positivity, inclusiveness and unique spirit of the brand. California roots. The timing of the Pacsun Kids launch is very much in tune with the retailer’s larger thinking and creative vision around gender absence, a category introduced by Pacsun in fall 2020, and what the brand sees as. a great opportunity to be seized to move forward. all its initiatives. With the launch of Pacsun Kids, Pacsun hopes to attract new customers and, more importantly, reach out to the community of kids who love the Pacsun brand and haven’t quite grown into the brand yet.

“The future of Pacsun Kids lies in the children themselves – they are the future,” said Brieane (Brie) Olson, President of Pacsun, “Pacsun will continue to evolve designs, product offerings and marketing to create the most empowering sense of self. as they express themselves in dressing while helping to eliminate gender bias, racism and more. ”

Later this fall, Pacsun will also launch its first fully gender-neutral brand called Color Range, a collection of eco-friendly / sustainable clothing, which will include a Kids category available online. Handpicked and selected styles with no specific gender in mind, Color Range dresses the new generation with silhouettes designed for everyone.

In addition, Pacsun’s commitment to children is also reflected in the brand’s recent expansion into games with a category offering on ROBLOX and a contribution to STEM to the Future. With the support of Pacsun through their three-year engagement, STEM to the Future is leading a creative design program for Black and Latinx youth in 4e – 7e to note. Not only will STEM to the Future implement this program in Los Angeles, but they will also train other educators across the country on this program. STEM seeks to join, foster and grow the community of educators who create student-led learning experiences that are rooted in justice and freedom.

“Program students will be exposed to a variety of creative design methods and practices before creating their own brand that raises awareness and addresses a social justice issue that impacts their community,” said Jacob Adams, Founder of STEM to the Future. “We are extremely excited about this Pacsun sponsored program as students will be exposed to a wide range of Los Angeles artists and designers who will support students as they see how art can be a form of activism while learning things like sewing, graphic design, photography and curating exhibitions. “

Pacsun Kids is available now on and alongside Pacsun’s wholesale partner, Nordstrom. Keep following Pacsun and Pacsun Kids on Instagram for real-time updates and more news around the category:




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