Peacemaker’s Economos just got more badass

Peacemaker confirmed that Chris’ best teammate isn’t Vigilante, and that person just got tougher thanks to a few key eliminations on the field.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Peacemakerseason 1, episode 7, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” available now on HBO Max.

In the first season of Peacemaker, Chris (John Cena) had a hard time trusting and adjusting to his new ARGUS teammates. Harcourt struggled with his toxic, macho ways, while Adebayo wanted him to let go of his dark past and embrace the hero within. Still, the sniper needed to show he was an alpha, which is why he bullied Economos a lot.

However, Chris warmed up after Economos stopped a rampaging gorilla, killing the beast to save the team. This cemented Economos as his best teammate because the creature was about to kill Chris, along with Vigilante and the others. Come the latest episode, Economos came out a lot more badass with another big save, but this time it was filled with attitude.

This happened when Peacemaker realized the cops were hunting him down after the butterflies framed him. He decided to storm out, heading to Coverdale Farm with Vigilante to kill their food source – the cow. Chris, Vigilante, and Economos got into a truck and drove away, only to be ambushed by White Dragon. Peacemaker’s father hated being put in jail for Chris’ sins, so he decided it was time to kill his boy.

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Considering Chris killed his brother, Keith, when they were young, it was years of suppressed rage that Auggie had bottled up. As a result, White Dragon rammed their truck, resulting in a big fight. Using his gauntlets and technological armor, like a dark Iron Man, he and his racist cult brutally took down the guys. However, just as the soldiers were about to fire on Vigilante, Economos fled from the bushes with machine guns, firing at them and filling their bodies with bullets.

Economos saved Chris and Vigilante in Peacemaker

This distracted Auggie, as he couldn’t believe someone like Economos could do that kind of damage. As for Vigilante and Chris, their jaws were on the floor, because they had never seen him move so fast. With his brutal stare, bloodlust and rock star screams, Economos was the ’80s action star Chris often spoke of, representing the killers revered by Vigilante.

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In the end, this distraction didn’t just save them; it also allowed Chris to gain the upper hand and kill Auggie, increasing their level of respect for Economos. This time, however, Economos was more proactive than desperate, and that made him more than a geek behind the computer, handling logistics and doing graphic design.

As the whole team got together and headed to the farm, the others realized it was a different Economos and were glad it gave the extra muscle. Economos got behind the wheel and was able to control the radio, telling Harcourt there’s never a bad time to let off steam. It’s usually one of Chris’ big mantras, but this time Peacemaker was the one who saw Economos as the hero tossing out those cool lines.

To see how Economos saves the day, stream Peacemaker on HBO Max.

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