Pedal ‘mountain bike station’ in N. Kitsap

Night Owl Cycling, a bike repair shop near Eglon, is expanding to include up to seven miles of mountain bike trails, a community lounge and places to stay overnight.

It turns into a mountain bike station.

The business is located on the 122-acre property of owners Kelly and Heidi Campo. Kelly opened the bike shop in 2015 and married Heidi the following year. Then they bought the property where the business is located. They lived in a trailer on site while Kelly built their home.

“We ended up getting serious enough to make it a business,” Heidi said. “Once 122 acres of forest land came to your world…now we started dreaming. It’s not just a mechanical business, what could we actually do with this property? We thought about doing trails through the woods and maybe we could have a mountain bike station. It kind of escalated from there.

Heidi grew up in Poulsbo and went to North Kitsap High School. She has had many careers including social services, graphic design and marketing. Kelly moved to the area in 1993 from Lynwood and worked as a physical therapist for 28 years in Kitsap County. He is a certified mountain bike instructor and sits on the Port Gamble Forest Stewardship Committee, assisting with trail work. Both share a passion for the mountains and other types of cycling.

“We’re all about education,” Kelly said. “Teaching people how to work on their own bikes and teaching people how to ride a bike. One of our great commitments is involvement in the community in which we live.

The main part of their activity consists in having the bicycles repaired by mechanics. They have two, including Kelly. People can either drop off and pick up their bikes at the store, or staff can pick up and deliver repaired bikes throughout North Kitsap. Store hours differ each day but are listed on their website

“It’s up to them what they want,” Heidi said. “I have clients that I have never met before. They give me their garage code… and I take their bike, and we fix it, then I bring it back to their garage.

When the business opened, the nearest bicycle repair shop was in Bainbridge, but another has since opened in Poulsbo. Heidi says their web presence has helped them attract more customers.

“We just revamped our website,” she said, adding that customers can log in to add their bikes and service requests and see when they last had repairs done. “I think our customer interface is very different from any other bike shop I know.”

The store also offers courses where people can learn how to repair their bikes and what to be careful of while riding. They also offer bike assembly. Night Owl Cycling also has a mountain bike racing team, made up of about 15 people of varying ages. There are races several times a year at various locations.

Extension ideas

With all the extra land, the Campos wanted to use it to benefit their business and the wider community. With future additions to the lounge and trails, people will be able to come not just locally, but across the water and beyond for a day or more of activity and socializing.

“People want an experience, not just an activity,” Kelly said. “You don’t necessarily have to be a biker; you can come here like anyone else.

The lounge is the closest to being ready, and the idea is to host various events where local restaurants and bars can provide food and drink. Heidi said things like fundraisers, music, art shows, birthday parties and weddings are all possible, and more. People can also rent the facility.

“We’re going to have open houses to invite the community,” she said. “We’ll probably be able to do that maybe at the end of August.”

Their website says the living room will feature burlap walls, blue corrugated metal accents, industrial/bicycle decor, live bar, food prep sink and counters, bathroom for all genders, a musical or speaking stage, a speaker system, a television and a gigabit fiber internet connection with wireless access.

The outdoor yard will include a large manicured lawn, pizza oven, cornhole, propane firepit, and outdoor shower for bikes and people. They are also creating a tent camping area and building a 20ft round dome that will be available for guests.

“It will be a kind of Airbnb contract,” Heidi said. “We want people to come here and stay and have fun with us.”

Once the show is over, Kelly will lay out the mountain bike trails. He said the main ones will be ready in the spring and then he will work on the secondary trails.

“Fall and winter are the best times to build trails because there’s less green foliage, so your line of sight is better,” Kelly said. “We would like to have six to seven miles of trails winding through the property. There is nothing here that is flat.

When the trails are ready, Kelly will give lessons on how to ride a mountain bike and learn different skills. The trails will be a mix of beginner to advanced. Only members or people present for an event will be able to use the trails. A membership fee will be included.

Night Owl Cycling is located at 32065 Epic Place NE.

The music scene inside the living room.

Night Owl Cycling sign and logo.

Night Owl Cycling sign and logo.


Night Owl Cycling sign and logo.


Night Owl Cycling sign and logo.

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