Religious themes explored in the works of Team Staley; ‘A Family Affair’ opens October 6 | Local

Bretta Staley calls one of her assemblages “The Cosmic Christ”. This work is a vivid and convincing representation of Christ as he is crucified, wounded, his head bowed, his body bloodied. Her cross is presented as a batik light fixture, with otherworldly reds, pinks and blues contrasting with dark details offsetting the silhouette and mixed coloring.

The traditional loincloth, usually represented as a crucifixion, is replaced by a fabric, tied, grouped and gracefully suspended at its side. A vertical pattern of his blood decorates the top half of the fabric, which is lined with rows of round silver-colored metal pieces.

Bretta Staley says that the sense of the cosmic must be present when approaching this assemblage, both to appreciate the work and where her imagination has led her to venture into expression. The cross is cosmic.

“Jesus Christ was born of the flesh, lived in the world, created the world and by his power sustains the world. Jesus Christ is the cosmic Christ because he is the God, creator and support of the cosmos, ”she said.

Bretta Staley’s biblical reference is John 1: 1-14, the last verse that says, “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. “

The New Testament is at the heart of his work, “to share the gospel and provide an oasis of visual refreshment to all who participate in the exhibit.”

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