Rhinestones with fox eyes: the beauty trends of 2021 that we want to resume in 2022 – Style

Some trends don’t need to go out.

Makeup trends come and go and then come back but every now and then there are trends that we don’t want to say goodbye to. 2021 has seen an evolution in makeup trends thanks to Instagram and TikTok and some of these trends have left a mark on our Pakistani makeup loving hearts that are so used to golden and brown eye shadows and ‘on trend’ but crimson lips.

There are plenty of trends in makeup – from Kylie Jenner’s matte skin and glossy lips to retro-inspired graphic eyeliner and Ariana Grande’s pink pout. This year, we’ve seen lip tints, glass skin, minimal eye shadow, glitter-filled lids, and even graphic eyeliner. These trends still dominate our social media feeds and we think this is a refreshing change from the usual safe appearances.

Here are five beauty looks and tips that we loved to see this year and that we want to see continue until 2022.

A little glitter and glam with rhinestones

A pop of color and rhinestones became trending in early 2021 thanks to HBO Euphoria. It started a trend on TikTok and has now become a staple for beauty influencers as well as celebrities looking for a glamorous look.

In Pakistan, you don’t need to look any further than your local tailor’s store or nearby fabric market for these stones. They are widely available in all colors. You can also go for the crystal pixie or Swarovski rhinestones – something celebrities often choose for their shine and longevity. But in a pinch, your local lace supplier is doing just fine.

The makeup process is quite simple. All you need is some colorful eye shadow on your eyelid which you will then sketch out with rhinestones. You can also add stones around your winged eyeliner. I opted for a pop of color in the inner corner and created a graphic liner using the stones. Pro Tip: Use a white or nude eyeliner pencil to outline the shape before applying the stones.

As for the application, you can use a nail art pen to place the stones on your eyes. To glue them in place, you can use eyelash glue to secure them to the line you drew before placement. To finish off, you can use medium length lashes or mascara to make the look pop!

Less is more!

Soft mat was a new trend this year. There are still plenty of dewy-goers out there, but the mat is back and it’s here to stay (at least for a while). Over the past couple of months, many celebrities have dabbled in soft, matte makeup, be it Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Deepika Padukone, Taylor Swift, or Selena Gomez. The trend is a soft matte look to accentuate your features in a natural yet glamorous way.

All you need to recreate this look is a neutral eyeshadow palette that has both cool tones – pink, mauve, gray – and warm tones ranging from peach to brown. With brown eyes, peachy and neutral colors tend to add warmth. Soft looks are often seen with a crease, but that’s so 2011. Now it’s all about using less product and mixing it up until your arms give up!

The look is followed by soft eyeliner, another trend that has reached new heights in 2020 thanks to the fox-eye trend (also known as the foxy-eye trend). You need a flat eyeliner brush and cool toned solid brown and black eye shadows to follow your eye area and package the product. For the first coat, use the brown eyeshadow to create an outline for the black eye shadow, which will be used right after. After you’ve created the shape, you can apply black or skip the step if you want an even softer look. If you want to amplify the look, a tightly packed black eye shadow close to your lashes will give you a subtle lash lift, followed by mascara. Who needs false eyelashes anyway?

Do it the old fashioned way

Sophia Loren is a name that instantly comes to mind when we think of winged eyeliner with a colorful cover or glitter. The newcomer to the block in 2021 was a hybrid of graphic eyeliner and a glittery lid.

Glitter enemies of the world can replace it with colorful matte eyeshadow. What you need for this look is black eyeliner and black eyeshadow, glitter, adhesive, false eyelashes for extra drama, and a flesh colored eye pencil for the waterline. .

You can start by scoring the winged eyeliner – the trick is to use a gray or neutral eye pencil from below the waterline down to the wing. Connect it to the crease and follow the natural crease to create a clean line. One trick is to keep your eyes slightly open and look in the mirror so you can easily follow the crease. You can then draw your eyeliner on top.

After that, you can apply glitter glue to the cover and carefully wrap the glitter in the center. If you go for a pastel shade or eye shadow, you will need to follow the same steps but in reverse ordering the eye shadow in a wing shape and using the eyeliner to outline the eye.

Beauty tips

Cut eyelashes in half

You no longer have to shy away from the idea of ​​false eyelashes! Although they seem to be an extra weight, cutting the lashes in half allows you to achieve the winged look without adding winged eyeliner. This hack is ridiculously simple but so useful.

Measure the lashes, cut them in the middle and apply them to the outer edge of your eye with the inner corner of the cut lashes applied to the center, just above your pupil, to add length. If you want to achieve a fox-eye look, you can apply the half lash just in the outer corner, in a slightly winged shape to give a more fox-like shape to the eyes.

Preparing the skin is key

You can’t just use foundation and call it a look. The key to crystal clear skin is slugging and the most important product to achieve this is a great moisturizer. Despite my oily skin, the moisturizer was a game-changer for me. I mix my hyaluronic infused cream with a liquid highlighter, both are suitable for my skin type.

Skincare first and makeup next is the mantra with this look. You use foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer. Skin care products make application easier. You use powder with an eyeshadow brush to complete the look.

The trick is to apply over the powder near your T-zone and set the blush and bronzer with a powder highlighter which adds more luminosity to already luminous skin.

What are the beauty looks that you wouldn’t want to see disappear by the end of 2021?

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