Sam – The mirror of the lakes

“I never expected to go back to school in my thirties, let alone take a program that wasn’t even offered when I graduated in 2010. Although I guess that’s all due to how my life took a dramatic turn in 2019, the year my workplace closed and I had to make a choice: either stay up north and find a new workplace or take a chance ( and the encouragement of my friends) and moving south. I chose the latter.

Even though the beginnings were difficult and I still couldn’t find my place, I was given an opportunity that I doubt anyone would refuse. Go back to school and get a degree, almost at no cost. I am part of the Displaced Worker Trade Rejustement Act. When my aforementioned workplace closed, we received basic training and courses to help us find jobs that had similar responsibilities and were of equal quality. However, since I decided to take the risk of moving and unfortunately not to be in a similar position within a year, I have had the chance to learn a trade or obtain a diploma for myself. help to get to a better position.

That’s how I started attending Lakeland University and studying in the graphic design program. Graphic design was always something I was interested in, but I just couldn’t afford it, nor was it an easily accessible course where I came from. So when I was presented with the opportunity to get a degree, I couldn’t say no. If I hadn’t tried my luck in 2019, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. -Sat

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