Shocking Pikachu laser art from Pokemon fan goes viral on TikTok


Some TikToks are made quickly and may not seem like a lot of skill, but a designer’s Pikachu artwork is certainly a masterpiece.

TikTok has become a hub for creators of all kinds, bringing waves of creative talent and new ideas to the social platform.

This has included many members of the Pokemon community, who have shown time and time again that they can use the short video medium to create amazing works of art.

This Pikachu art from TikToker is no exception, providing a real spectacle with brilliant use of lasers.

Viral laser art Pikachu TikTok

TikTok user brooke.cheng broke the internet with his first TikTok, totaling over 6.4 million views at the time of this article’s publication. And for a good cause.

@ brooke.chengMirror Picchu ## ShowYourGlow @ khaby.lame ♬ original sound – Cheng

The video begins with a few small mirrors used to reflect a red laser. Quite simple. But, after the person in the video grabs Ash’s iconic hat, things quickly escalate.

From there, the pace slows down to reveal a stunning and massive laser display of Pikachu. Spliced ​​with a few modifications, the end product is excellent, highlighting the complexity and time this creation must have taken.

This creator only has two videos on his profile and has already racked up an impressive 30,000 subscribers and over 900,000 likes on his videos. The second video features another fun art creation, this time with Kong and Godzilla as the subjects.

@ brooke.chengGodzilla vs. Kong ## ShowYourGlow ♬ original sound – Cheng

Some clever art and a hot start indeed, making him a promising creator that art (and Pokémon) fans should keep their eyes on in the future.


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