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Check out Sitedrop – A visual way to share and collaborate through Dropbox

There are no two ways to do it: Dropbox has changed the way we work. It has been especially good for designers, artists, musicians and other creative types not only to exhibit their work but also to collaborate and share work with clients, colleagues and other artists.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Dropbox doesn’t have much of a visual interface for sharing, and you should always use email or messaging to leave comments and suggestions. Therefore Sitedrop is going to be your new best friend.

Sitedrop is a web service that links to your Dropbox and turns the content of any of your Dropbox folders into a stylish and visual website. It basically lets you skip building a site when all you want to do is get feedback on your work. And it becomes as easy as placing a file in a folder. Let’s see how it is done.

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Introduction to Sitedrop

Registering an account with Sitedrop requires your email address; There is no social media account record for this service. After that, link your Dropbox account to the Sitedrop account.

Allow Sitedrop Sync to access your files and folders by clicking To permit When prompted.

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Configuring your site

Now let’s set up your site. The name you give to the site will also be the URL of your subdomain.

Create a folder, or choose a specific file that is already filled to “upload” to your site. When you are finished, press Create and Sitedrop will create the site for you.

You will then be taken to the dashboard view named Your locations. This is where you can create more new sites and manage multiple sites from a central hub.

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Manage your site

Each website you have is displayed as a separate “map”, with the title, URL, Dropbox folder, number of files Yes number of contributors unfolded. To modify the content of a particular site, click on the button gear icon at the bottom right of each card.

Now that your site is ready, here is the basic layout for your site. Well, that will be if you haven’t uploaded any files or deleted any of the sample files.

Is actually the only design you can use (until developers provide options for more layout designs).

The fun thing about Sitedrop is that you manage (and add) content completely via your Dropbox. Any changes made to your Dropbox folder or subfolder will be automatically updated on the site.

To add more links to the sidebar, just create a new subfolder in Dropbox, then place your content in the subfolder. The new folder will appear as a new link in the sidebar.

You also have the option of activate downloads directly from the site, very useful if you want to put something on the site, but don’t have access to your Dropbox. Just take a look at the top right of your Sitedrop and select Downloads enabled from the drop-down menu.

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Support for Sitedrop files

Sitedrop supports most common file types. Almost any type of file will appear on the site, with a small preview icon, but not all files will show as full previews.

Image files, including animated GIFs and Photoshop PSD files, will be displayed directly on the site.

Sitedrop too show external media such as YouTube and Vimeo videos, albums in Rdio and SoundCloud playlists; just upload a url and media will be posted online.

Audio files like MP3 are also supported, and it will also be posted online. They can be played directly from the Sitedrop interface.

Text files, such as the “Welcome to your new project” file from one of the screenshots above, should be downloaded as Discount documents. Sitedrop will be convert Markdown documents to HTML automatically.

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Lightbox view, comments and favorites

There is also lightbox style secondary view A view accessible by clicking on one of the listed files or by going directly to the files through the individual URL. In this view, you can navigate using the arrow keys or large onscreen keys.

This Lightbox view is also where you can view and leave comments and favorites. You can view both comments and favorites for a particular file on the right side of the lightbox view.

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Edit site

There is also Edit site screen that you can access, with a few options to edit your Sitedrop site. You can access this screen from the above Your place screen, or Site drop-down menu on the actual site.

What’s this Edit site the screen looks like this:

As you can see, you can add a logo image, change the site name (but not the URL), change the default file sort order, set a password, and turn comments on and off. You can also delete the site (just the URL, the files remain intact).

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Sitedrop is a service that interest creative users. Whether you are looking for a simpler, more visual way to share your work with your clients, a faster and easier way to share your creative work with the world, or you need a visual way to manage a collaborative project, Sitedrop is definitely a service. for you. Should try.

Sitedrop is currently free use. The team plans introduce premium features online, including fees for additional sites beyond the first five sites.

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Final words: Sitedrop – A visual way to share and collaborate through Dropbox

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