State-of-the-art welding lab opens at Rutherford High School


BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – Bay District Schools celebrates the grand opening of a new welding lab at Rutherford High School.

The work done using these welding simulations could be the first step towards a well-paying job for many Rutherford students.

Construction and technology teacher Jason Rodgers said kids will learn the skills they need to be successful in the industry.

“It gives them the opportunity to leave school with a trade with something that they can go out and make a living if they want to,” Rodgers said.

This lab is the first of its kind at a Bay County high school.

Rodgers will teach the new course. He said around 120 students have already signed up, eager to start their training.

“I think it serves the community,” Rodgers said. “You know, the superintendent earlier alluded to a ton of construction going on in Bay County. Eastern Shipbuilding has huge contracts going on, so there is a real need and a real opportunity for these kids to make a living.

Rodgers said students would start with the basics they learned on Chromebooks and then move on to hands-on learning.

In the classroom, students will use virtual reality to supplement their training and understand what a real welding situation would look like.

Rutherford junior Logan Greene is just starting to learn how to use VR equipment.

He said technology teaches future welders the correct posture and speed in the trade.

Greene said he believes the course will help him achieve his career goals.

“My plan is to go to Haney and hopefully find a job somewhere that they would suit me in and I would earn enough money and end up being an entrepreneur in my own business,” Greene said.

Greene said many children around Rutherford have shown interest in the course.

The course is a perfect segway for students who want to go to a technical school like Haney.


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