Students conjure Halloween crafts with the CPP Library Club

By Alexandre Osornio, October 19, 2021

The Cal Poly Pomona Library Club brought students together for a Spooky Arts and Crafts Night which included an intimate take on the classic Halloween movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and pumpkin painting on October 6th.

Club vice president Natali Carmona helped organize the event through her previous experience as a student library assistant at Cal State Dominguez Hills, during which she hosted coloring events for students. during mid-season. She noted that students benefited from relaxation and participating in interesting activities during times of high stress.

Unlike most virtual events on campus, the Library Club typically hosts virtual events on its Discord server rather than Zoom. Carmona says this choice of platform helps students feel more comfortable with Discord’s more informal and relaxed user experience.

“Most of the time I push Discord because we don’t need to have our cameras on, we don’t even need to have our mics on,” she said. “We can just watch a movie, do some crafts and it’s just like a really good time.”

Students who pre-registered for the event received free arts and crafts supplies, including a coloring page, paint, and a blank pumpkin that students can use as a canvas. Much like the Bob Ross party that the club hosted last spring, the club made sure that participants had materials to participate. Participants were encouraged to share their creations on the club’s Discord server.

The students shared their creations on the club’s Discord server. (Graphic courtesy of Natali Carmona)

While watching the movie, the students illuminated the Discord Chat with photos of their painted pumpkins and coloring sheets progressing. Several attendees had never seen “The Nightmare Before Christmas” before, making the event both a welcome introduction to a Halloween classic and a relaxing art session.

Other members of the e-board have shared these sentiments on Discord as a platform for events. Club president Dannielle Cabrera recognizes online platforms as a choice for students who want to stay involved in the campus community but without the inconvenience of face-to-face meetings.

The students who attended the event felt the same about this choice of platform. A political science major had never used Discord for a club event, but felt the platform complimented the nature of the craft night.

“The chat was more easily accessible than on Zoom, and especially with them playing a movie, you could jump in whenever you wanted,” she said.

Additionally, the informal nature of the event helped the students to feel more comfortable in their busy lives. Business student Sanika Gavankar, a full-time student taking five courses and a member of the e-board of the CPP Student Management Investment Fund, was grateful for the chance to participate in a relaxing activity with d ‘other students.

“For me… just taking an hour to watch a movie and do something other than work was really helpful,” she said.

For now, the Library Club plans to continue hosting events on Discord. However, Carmona notes the value that in-person events could have for students studying or researching in the library.

She adds that Library Club events typically don’t last longer than an hour, so being able to host an event for students already in the building would be helpful for those looking to distract themselves from their studies for a while.

“We’re not just here to talk about books… it’s more there for the students to have a good time,” Carmona said.

To follow the Library Club, follow their Instagram @cpplibraryclub. To register for future Library Club events, visit its myBAR page.

Image courtesy of Marilu Salcedo.

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