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The former EM Jeans building at 1100 Oak Street, now home to The Studio Downtown, has renovated the entire 10,000 square foot building and is now open to coworking.

Studio Downtown, a woman-owned co-working space that allows more than 30 companies to have a private space to work for graphic designers, consultants and remote workers, opened three years ago. with only 2,200 square feet of space. It has grown over the years, even during the pandemic, to be one of Arkansas’ largest coworking spaces.

“I wasn’t sure we would survive COVID,” said Kate Carnahan, owner of the Studio. “But we knew that in the long run, coworking would be the solution for many companies and remote workers. “

The new renovations added a new ‘mid-century electric’ design with new space such as a podcast studio, photo studio, workshop space and private offices. The Downtown Studio also offers WiFi, meeting spaces, coffee, and snacks for anyone using the space to work.

“The Studio provides a community and a place to connect for business owners,” Carnahan said.

Workers and businesses wishing to use the zone can purchase a day pass for $ 25, a Nomad membership for $ 185 per month, or purchase a resident membership for $ 300 per month.

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