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So I have a Mac mini i5 2018…. I bought it when it came out…. I added 32 GB of ram, 256 ssd. Right now I have about 25gb left on the ssd. I moved Time Machine to an external drive years ago.

So right now I have 18 tabs open in Safari (a far cry from what I’ve been doing for many years). Other open apps are Finder, Calendar, App Store, Photos, OneNote, System Preferences, and Activity Monitor. So it says I use

20.6 GB of memory
10.94 GB cached
Exchange 25.5 MB

Mac is up to date. I restarted 2 days ago due to a power outage. I can use the browser for a while and then it doesn’t even open any pages. That is, yesterday I restarted Safari. I noticed the slowdown several weeks ago when playing The Sims 4 on it. It was also very hot… Right now it’s a bit hot, but I just woke him up today…

I bought a Samsung t7 external ssd to maybe create a bootable drive, but I don’t know how to do it. I have several external hard drives connected to it. So, is there a way to improve this functioning? I do a lot of browsing on it, because of my 2 28″ 4k and HD monitor. Also, Affinity Photo is open on it a lot, and other apps if I’m doing anything productive on it. I was sick the month last so I haven’t done much other than playing games or browsing. Now I’m getting a lot better and getting back to what I’m doing and noticing the lag. My thoughts were to wait and see what will come out in November ??? But not sure if I can wait that long….

I also want M? Pro model… This is my first i5 ever, my first Mac. I would buy high end Windows laptops and they would last about 2 years before I saw them slow down – I would pass them on to the kids. I have 2 iPads 12.9″ M1 and 2018 and also use them all the time. At night I do something on 1 and/or both and watch something on the 2018 when my husband goes to bed early… I do most of my graphic design on my iPad – but I want to try new things with photography and it might be easier??? or different on the Mac. But even then, I do quality control on the Mac …iPadOS updates might change that since I could easily connect the monitor to the iPad with a much better view than before…

I’ve been looking to get a 14″ M1 MacBook Pro or even the Mac Studio…with at least 512GB…but also how I can make my mini work better. I really don’t want to to have an M1 because they will soon be updated….

Thank you for your help…..

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