The art of forging in Largo

LARGO, Florida – The art of forging metal with just a hammer and bare hands is a craft that has been around for thousands of years, but how often do you see people doing it these days? Look no further than a local blacksmith in the historic small town of Largo.

The hammer meeting the metal, this sound might not sound like music to your ears, but for Robert Buck with Wrought Iron Arts, it’s a symphony of sounds that he never tires of hearing.

“It’s just like the old saying, strike while the iron is hot. We have to work on it, ”Buck said.

In his home workshop, he makes and creates works of art with metal. A passion that he has pursued and mastered since he took a few art classes at the university.

But it was only after having taken his first blacksmith’s course in the early 90s that he considered this work a real profession, by creating his own blacksmith and welding school.

Decades later, he has chosen a hobby and made it a lifelong passion that he enjoys sharing with others.

His specific area of ​​expertise lies in the creation of Anglo-Saxon knives and weapons, but like any good artist, if you come up with an idea or a vision, he will make it come true.

“We can make all of these trendy designs, you want to make a picture of them on your phone and we will,” Buck said.

Robert shows that this age-old profession of tempering and forging metals is still a delight to this day. Proving that the art of learning to blacksmith is a tradition just about anyone can recover from it.

For more information on how to plan a blacksmith or knife-making course, you can visit their website.

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