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When was the last time you celebrated your house? Not the interior design or the updated appliances – but the basis of the place itself. After years, it becomes easy to walk past the shelves and walls lined with portraits and forget the personal touches you’ve carefully infused into your kitchen as it filled with children, dogs, and conversation. It’s those precious moments when you come home from a long trip or gaze around a Thanksgiving table that remind you to cherish the home you have found, filled and maintained.

Sarah Kelly of Sarah Lady’s Art celebrates all the love that bubbles and bubbles in a home and transforms it into a treasured, personalized work of art. With nostalgic hues, cheerful features and so many wonderful memories, her portraits are available (starting at just $ 50!) At SB Shop.

Sarah Kelly of Sarah Lady’s Art creates beautiful chalk, watercolor and line art portraits, which are now available on SB Shop.

After receiving a set of charcoal pencils, a portable table easel, and hands-on skills books for Christmas as a child, Sarah Kelly’s passion for art began to blossom. Art classes and after-school art clubs quickly lead to student competitions and art exhibitions, and in her freshman year of college Sarah was already a freelance illustrator for Beijing Magazine. While developing her traditional and digital artistic skills, Sarah worked as a web image specialist for a time and is now a graphic designer and illustrator for Greater Than Games, LLC, a local board game publishing company in her town. native of St. Louis. It turns out that this is her dream job, and after getting to know Sarah a little bit, it’s no surprise that she landed it.

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Sarah has always intended to follow her traditional art projects, including paintings and drawings, as well as her graphic design and illustration work. In 2017, she visited Costa Rica (one of her favorite places in the world) and started posting advancement photos of the chalk pastels she was creating of the landscape there. Without realizing it, this became the catalyst for his next entrepreneurial venture. One of Sarah’s friends saw her progress photos and asked if Sarah would be ready to draw her house in the same style. Sarah agreed, and after posting photos of the portrait of the house, new requests started pouring in. In 2019, Sarah attended her first art fair and just over a year later opened her Etsy store offering custom portraits and fine art prints.

Sarah Kelly chalk portrait from Costa Rica

Here’s a look at one of the photos from Costa Rica’s advancement that started it all.

SB Shop is thrilled to offer Sarah’s Custom Watercolor Portraits, Custom Chalk Portraits, and Custom Line Art Portraits, each commemorating the most beloved space in your life. These thoughtful pieces are the ultimate gift for loved ones moving away from their family home, new owners, parents and newlyweds. Several sizes including 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches, and 11 x 14 inches are available, ranging from $ 50 to $ 120. (Please note that limited quantities are available and portraits will take up to three weeks to ship.)

“With watercolors and dry pastels, I like to do an impressionist style,” explains Sarah. “I like to express emotion and light in painting through the use of different colors where realistically you may not see those colors.” His chalk portraits tend to be a bit more abstract, capturing the character of the house through color and perspective.

Line drawings are created digitally using a pen and tablet. Sarah draws everything by hand as if it were paper while experimenting with different pens and inks to create something that looks like you. “Digital illustration is a big part of my career and what I do on a daily basis,” says Sarah, “so it’s nice to be able to apply those same skills to something a little more personal that people can appreciate. , like a new home or favorite place.

Sarah Kelly Line Art Portrait

Shop Sarah Lady’s Art Custom Line Art Home Portraits, $ 50- $ 70, at SB Shop, here.

Sarah Kelly Chalk Home Portrait

Buy Sarah Lady’s personalized chalk house portraits, $ 80- $ 120, at SB Shop, here.

Shop Custom Watercolor House Portrait Art of Sarah Lady

Shop for Sarah Lady’s custom watercolor house portraits, $ 80- $ 120, at SB Shop, here.

Sarah explains that each custom piece expresses different emotions, colors, and charm, and finds a fun challenge in considering how best to communicate these characteristics. And because each piece has so much sentimental value, recipients are often tearful. “Having this memory made some customers cry with joy, and some will even share their memories with me of why this house or restaurant (or place in general) is so important to them. It always warms my heart and encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing, ”Sarah says.

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift – one that will cause tears of joy, unearth happy memories, and become the piece that can never be overlooked, this is what you need. And Sarah will paint it on the exact easel she received as a child. We hope you like them as much as we do!

All photos courtesy of Sarah Kelly. Buy the Sarah Lady’s Art collection on SB Shop, HERE.


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