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Transformation- Craft ACT Annual Membership Exhibition and CO: LAB Cathy Franzi, Alison Jackson + Dan Lorrimer. At Craft ACT until December 14th. The Annual Members’ Show is always an event to be enjoyed, especially after a long period of galleries canceling or postponing exhibitions. Gold is the theme of this exhibition in honor of the 50th anniversary of Craft ACT. A selection of the works in the exhibition were generously donated by the artists at a public auction sponsored by Craft ACT later in November for an artist benefits program. The permanent attraction of the members’ exhibit is the diverse work of more than 70 well-known and respected artists. Beautifully crafted furnishings are among the standout works this year. The artists respected the uniqueness of the wood by emphasizing its characteristic grain, color and texture. Hiroshi Yamaguchi’s practical ‘Ari Stool’ (pictured) in black wood is a sculptural statement – the stool seat’s fluid slit design is reflected in the curved crossbar below. The “Table” by Benedict Laffan is a subtle design that allows you to appreciate all the beauty of wood. The glass is well represented. Mel Douglas’ Overlap gilded glass bowl retains the light and perfectly expresses the “gold” theme of the exhibition. Bethany Lick’s “Isolated” Glass Bowl evokes the natural rhythms of the day through beautifully modulated color. In her “Brushed” wall panel, Hannah Gason works with a limited palette. Its small glass mosaic of soft golden color is brushed as by a brushstroke diffusing the otherwise controlled light and subverting its geometric patterns. Also in hot-blown glass are the two very colorful baskets by Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello inspired by the “tunga” or woven baskets from the Tiwi Islands decorated with patterns of natural herbs. The artist continues to surprise with his inventiveness by associating the forms and traditions of indigenous craftsmanship with a contemporary mode of expression. The range of textiles this year demonstrates the potential of this art form. Jennifer Robertson’s “Ropy Flow” woven wall hanging catches the eye with its shimmering surface, Dianne Firth’s delicate “Botanicus” fern images wall hanging and Julie Ryder’s applied “map” of her walks during Lockdown Explore our natural world. Ruth Hingston is also an artist that I admire. I usually associate her work with creating images that reflect her surroundings, but in her decorative “Byzantium” embroidery she evokes another era when gold embroidery was used for status and splendor. Valerie Kirk’s “Namadgi Thumbnail Collection” textile panel reminds me of the wool labels left by sheep on bush fences. The small tufts of colorful fibers bear witness to her recent and successful Craft ACT residency in Namadgi National Park, where she explored the bush environment and the concept of place. CO-LAB is a fruitful and inventive collaboration between the partnership of Alison Jackson + Dan Lorrimer who work in metal and Cathy Franzi who is a ceramicist. Franzi is well known for her porcelain ceramics using native plants as a decorative motif. Porcelain, prized for its translucency, lends itself wonderfully to retaining and diffusing light. This is beautifully achieved in the “Leaf Print Series” – pendant lights adorned with delicate native leaf patterns – and in the more dramatic “Burrawang Collection” where the intimate soft glow of light is transmitted through the porcelain. White. Jackson + Lorrimer’s sophisticated metal tubular lamps are more architectural in style – energized by the flowing shape of the metal. Jackson + Lorrimer’s successful design partnership is rightly recognized for its attractive contemporary design characterized by the visual appeal of handcrafted craftsmanship combined with studio production.



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