The UAE government’s ‘golden visa’ for multi-talented creative artist Ganesh Rai

The UAE government’s ‘golden visa’ for multi-talented creative artist Ganesh Rai

The government of the United Arab Emirates commemorating the jubilee celebration of the 50th anniversary of the national day has offered to recognize the professionals as well as the great talents of the United Arab Emirates and to honor them with a 10-year golden visa and the first type for their contribution in the field of art and culture was bestowed on our own Shri. BK Ganesh Rai, a creative artist-sculptor.

The United Arab Emirates is the one and only country in the world to honor its residents with such dignity.

Creative artist Ganesh Rai has served in the UAE for two decades as Creative Art Director, creating his own creativity with computer digital platforms, designing various advertisements, billboards, displays, backgrounds, logos, website designs and more as a sculptor. had created various statues for many community organizations in the United Arab Emirates and India, his hometown.

Born in Mercara (Coorg district) known as Kashmir of Karnataka, Ganesh Rai is well known as a multi-talented personality whose creativity knows no barriers. A committed artist Ganesh Rai is also a speaker, organizer, community leader, leader, teacher, painter, writer, journalist who tirelessly continues his “service to the community”, including fundraising campaigns. blood service in the United Arab Emirates with 24/7 service.

Some of his designs still catch the eyes of Dubai residents in the form of billboards, corporate banner ads and others that he created for international companies in the United Arab Emirates. Whether it is an ad block to be published in newspapers, magazines, brochures or web media; Ganesh Rai is the one people think of first. Its magical fingers move around the PC mouse and keyboard and create computer graphics wonders that you will always find appreciated and rewarded.

His gift to his hometown of a “statue of the goddess Cauvery” in front of the Madikeri (Mercara) town hall is further proof of this for a long time. From 1980 to 1990, he was the only one to create and supply various types of huge dolls specially of God used as movable decoration for Dasara festivals in the city. For Ganapati festivals, he creates several beautiful statues of Ganapati, including the recent one in the United Arab Emirates. At that time, Ganesh Rai was arranging to print large portraits of colorful exhibits from Talacauvery to Sivakasi and have them released in Madikeri. One of his creations, a huge portrait of the goddess Cauvery, published at Madikeri town hall by Marshal KM Kariappa, was an unforgettable event. Some of his logo designs include the logos of a wide variety of government agencies, including the Sahitya Academy, banks, cooperative societies, and organizations.

News to include is the creation of a YouTube channel in the name of “Ganesh Rai Kaleidoscope” in which he captures and broadcasts videos relating to Arab folklore, tourism, traveler’s guide, some things from Guinness World Records as well. than to some of the beautiful videos of Indo-Arab relations.

Most of her videos are in the Kannada language as a sign of love for the mother tongue of this part of the world.

Awarded with various awards, namely “Shilpa Kala Ratna”, “Kala Praveena”, “Kalakirana”, “Best Teacher in Karnataka State”, Aryabhata International Award, Global Man Award, “Kuvempu Vishwamanya Award”, “Da Ra Bendre Award ”, ‘Karnataka Kala Poshaka Award’, ‘Vishwamanya Kannadiga Award’, ‘Mayura Vishwamanya Kannadiga Award’ and with numerous international awards; Ganesh Rai has received “certificates of honor” from HE the Indian Ambassador, the Indian Consulate General, the Indian Social and Cultural Center and many community associations from Karnataka in the United Arab Emirates.

As a writer, Ganesh Rai has many articles to his credit and some of them to remember relate to well-known leaders like Marshal KM Kariappa, Sir M. Vishwesharayya, Abdul Kalam, Bhimsen Joshi, Atal Bihari Vajapae which have been read by thousands of viewers and created history.

As a columnist, his articles are published in the very famous Manipal daily ‘Udayavani’ and the monthly magazine ‘Amrita Prakasha’ of which he is part of the editor.

Ganesh Rai is the Honorary Chairman of ‘Namma Tulunad Trust ® Mangalore, responsible for compiling the Trust documentation. It also captured the latest video interviews with very famous Karnataka personalities including Dr D. Veerendra Hegde of Shree Kshetra Dharmastala which is in press. On October 17th, he is scheduled to release his video on ‘Goddess Cauvery’ titled ‘Cauvery Astakam’ which will be performed by Dr Hegde worldwide.

Leading newspapers like Indian Express and other national periodicals published interviews with Ganesh Rai in their dailies. Even some of his interviews have been shown on various TV and radio stations including Akashavani (both Madikeri and Mangaluru), Gulf Kannada Radio, Udaya TV, Namma TV, Namma Kudla TV, etc.

Multi-talented BK Ganesh Rai is a painter, sculptor, journalist, writer, speaker, computer graphics expert, graphic designer, organizer, emcee and has further served as a community leader doing community service during long time in UAE which has been painstakingly recognized and honored with this Golden Visa by the UAE government which deserves appreciation.

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