Threaded Together: Nonprofit Flag Invites Community to Reflect on Pandemic, Make Community Healing Quilt | Local

The ability that we have to share our stories, to share our experiences is one of the things that makes us human. In a time when we have all felt so isolated, it is more vital than ever for us to share where we are and what we are experiencing. It is more vital than ever that we realize that we are not alone. We are part of the same fabric. We are part of a beautiful, multidimensional and resilient community. I hope when people see the final quilt they will feel like they are part of something meaningful and lasting.

While community members can use fabric and supplies they have at home, Threaded Together has prepared “quilt block kits” which include a square of fabric and scraps or donated material to stimulate the quilting. creativity.

Many of the kits the volunteers have put together have already been or are about to be handed out at places like Tynkertopia, The Peaks Senior Living Community, Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, Quality Connections and even Mead Hall downtown. of Flagstaff.

We really want every corner of our community to be represented in the final quilts, because making a square should be an outlet for creative expression accessible to everyone. Working with your hands can get you out of your own head. It can help you deal with your emotions, or even just inspire you with a little light pleasure. In many ways, that is the purpose of this project. Enjoy. Make art. See how our contributions fit into a larger whole.

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