TikTok Announces New Advertising and Branded Content Partnership Options at TikTok Global Event

There is a lot to take in here.

Today TikTok hosted its very first TikTok World business showcase event, where he shared a range of new tools and options designed to help brands get the most from his platform, while outlining more clearly how TikTok will monetize its now over 1 billion audience and help creators earn money for their efforts.

Many new features have been announced, sparking a wide range of new considerations for brands. Here is an overview of all the key elements.

First of all on brand / designer partnerships, a key element in maximizing the performance of the brand. The main update on this front has been the release of an updated version of TikTok Creators Marketplace Brand and designer connection platform, which allows brands to find influencers in their niche who are open to working on business promotions.

The new version of Creator Marketplace includes more performance information and better sorting tools, to help brands find the right influencer for their efforts.

As explained by TIC Tac:

TikTok Creator Marketplace provides discovery tools to match businesses with a wide range of creators for every campaign, brand voice, and budget. You can filter based on the type of content they post, location, average views, and more.

Brands using Creator Marketplace will now also have the ability to oversee elements of the creative process and monitor campaign performance in real time through the app. This could help brands better track their influencer campaign efforts and maximize the ROI of the process.

Another new element is what TikTok calls’Open Application Campaigns ”, which will allow brands to list their campaigns so that interested creators can apply themselves.

TikTok open applications

As you can see here, when you run an Open Application campaign, creators will then be able to apply for your pitch, with a shortlist then featured in the feed, showing audience reach metrics as well as sample clips.

You can check the updated Creator Marketplace here.

TikTok also announced a new Creator Marketplace API, which will allow third-party platforms to provide more information on the performance of TikTok’s creators and make it easier to sign in, while outlining the initial partnerships for expansion.

“The partners were chosen for their expertise in creative marketing. They are able to provide brands with additional tools and white glove services that complement the Creator Marketplace and make it easier to manage the entire end-to-end process. Today we are delighted to present to you Captiv8, Influential and Whalar as inaugural Creators Place partners, and they will be joined by other badged partners over the coming months as our Creators Place ecosystem continues to grow. ”

This will provide brands with another way to connect with TikTok influencers, expanding opportunities for creators and brands in its broader monetization efforts.

In addition to its Creator Marketplace updates, TikTok is also launching a new initiative called ‘The TikTok Creative Exchange ‘, a self-service portal that will connect brands with approved creative service providers to help them produce effective ads tailored to their brief and goals.

“Through this portal, you can manage projects, comments, approvals, and information, all in a streamlined process designed to help you create impactful ads. The Creative Exchange platform is a one-stop-shop covering every step of the creative process, all managed through a standardized workflow to enable fast, scalable production and deliver large volumes of fresh creative content.

The initiative will allow TikTok to better match brands with more comprehensive ad creation providers, which will essentially guide them through the process – unlike the Creator Marketplace which still requires manual management.

Which is also pretty much the opposite of this upcoming feature – TikTok is also launching a new Creative Center, which is designed to help advertisers understand what works on the platform, in real time.

TikTok Creation Center

Through the Creation center, brands will be able to explore a showcase of top performing ads, view details about the platform’s latest trends, and search TikTok’s audio library to inspire their creative process.

This could be a good way to identify key trends and inform your own approach.

To help with this, TikTok is also launching a new dedicated video editor, which will help guide brands through the creation process, including visual editing tools and copyrighted music, while also associating with Create Vimeo to provide new video templates and tools to streamline content creation right from the app.

The final new creative element is a new tool called “Dynamic Scene,” which will use machine learning to split your videos into multiple scenes.

“These scenes are then reassembled into hundreds of variations based on audience preferences. It can add elements such as music and transition effects, keeping creativity fresh and extending its lifespan. We then quickly test these ad variations with different audiences, ensuring that the best-performing creative is delivered. “

In other words, Dynamic Scene will essentially create TikTok clips for you, based on your existing assets, which you can then test in the app and promote top artists. This could be another way to access TikTok ads, simplifying the process for those who aren’t as familiar with platform trends and video editing techniques.

These more general advertising options will certainly help TikTok attract more ad spend, but in reality ecommerce is where and where the platform is expected to experience the most growth. special accent in its latest announcements.

TikTok Stream Purchases

TikTok’s continuous shopping tools continue to evolve as the platform strives to expand its product list and display options, thanks to new partnerships with Shopify, Square, Ecwid, PrestaShop. TikTok also says that Wix, SHOPLINE, Open shopping cart, and BASED will also be supported soon, offering a direct product listing and connection options to a wide range of e-commerce brands.

TikTok.also develop new product links in video clips:

“TikTok Shopping merchants can choose to display a link to one or more products in their catalog in all videos containing those products. Users who see the video will be able to easily explore the featured products without leaving the app. Product links are a great tool for businesses to tap into the excitement of the For You page where users are prepared for new discoveries.

He is also working on new Collection Ads, which will allow brands to include product sheets in their promotions in the feed.

TikTok Collection Announcements

And for e-commerce brands that don’t have ad creation expertise, TikTok is also developing a new option called Dynamic Showcase Ads, which will allow brands to automatically promote their products, with ads aligned with preferences and the specific interests of users.

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads

“Dynamic Showcase Ads can be used to generate awareness and drive app downloads by promoting popular and relevant products to potential customers. They can also increase purchase intention through targeting based on product inventory and customer activity, such as viewing a product or adding to cart.

The format essentially allows for the creation of streamlined ads aligned with user behaviors and interests, which could be another way to maximize your TikTok reach.

In terms of overall advertising performance, TikTok also seeks to improve the advertising experience with Custom Instant Pages:

“… A lightweight mobile landing page that loads blazingly fast – up to 11x faster than standard mobile pages. This eliminates any waiting time: from the moment a user presses a call to action, they immediately begin to receive information from the brand.

It also adds new stickers to illustrate the products in clips, gesture ads to reward users who engage and choose your own style of adventure.tory selection ads to generate more interaction in the clips.

TikTok also adds Buying reach and frequency ads, designed to help maximize brand awareness and reach, while also announcing new partnerships with Integral advertising science (SAI) and Zefr to provide more assurance on the placement and performance of ads.

As noted, there’s a bunch to consider here, and with TikTok just breaking the billion user mark, you can bet interest in these new features will be high, especially as we approach the end of the game. holiday season.

Not all of these tools will be available for all brands yet, but TikTok’s roadmap is pretty clear. Ecommerce remains the primary focus, facilitating monetization opportunities for creators and brands, while improving brand / designer partnerships will also help maximize performance.

Key considerations for your approach.

The full recording of TikTok World will be available later this week.

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