University of Nevada and Reno Art Museum cool off

The John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art at the University of Nevada at Reno is getting a facelift. Since the museum’s rebirth in 2019 with the launch of the university’s new arts building, The Lilley has attempted to evolve from its roots as a contemporary art gallery. Today, after months of planning and design, The Lilley is proud to share its new modern identity.

A recent graduate of the Ace Deems College of Liberal Arts Graphic Design Program, Pascual designed The Lilley’s new brand identity. Keen not to disconnect from the university, Pascual was challenged to design a brand identity that makes the museum a unique creative entity on campus and in the community.

Pascual was at the time a graphic design student in the BFA art program and completed the brand identity design project as a freelance study program. Assistant Art Professor and Graphic Design Director Monica Maccaux mentored Pascual as they treated The Lilley as a client and the project as an internship exercise.

“I went through the whole process discussing ideas and creating mockups and presentations on the new rebranding,” Pascual said.

Pascual learned their design skills while studying graphic design and art history. They were incredibly grateful for the mentorship offered by Maccau during their college career.

At the start of the project, Pascual started the creative process by discussing the mission of The Lilley and the importance of the building in which the museum is located. Museum Director Vivian Zavataro stressed the importance of showcasing underrepresented women in the artistic community. Pascual then researched women designers and presented a typeface designed by women. After several iterations, the concept of brand identity materialized.

“The L in my design was designed to mimic the reflection of glass on the building,” said Pascual. “The lampshades imitate the light that passes through the glass. Glass is important because it was part of Church Fine Arts’ expansion to The Lilley.

Even the colors used in the design were specific to the project.

“The sweet sage color palette was chosen to be inclusive of all genres, which is important to me because it is not binary. I also wanted to give a nod to the femininity that is so often overlooked in business.

“Every part of this brand identity has been carefully selected to represent The Lilley,” said Pascual.

Zavataro hopes the campus and the local community appreciate the new branding.

“I am incredibly proud and impressed with the design created by Ace Deems,” Zavataro said. “The new brand identity is modern, clean and fresh, showing not only the potential of The Lilley, but its ideals and mission.

Zavataro was aware that The Lilley’s new brand identity could raise eyebrows in the college community. She didn’t want to stray from the University’s brand identity, but to incorporate it in a creative way similar to other university art museums across the country.

“I am confident that our new brand identity will give us the opportunity to continue to move forward and present ourselves as this exciting new museum that is here not only for our students and faculty, but for our community in its own right. together, ”Zavataro said.

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