Unused Avengers Concept Art That Would Have Changed The Game

There’s no getting away from the famous characters from The Avengers. Twenty years ago, hardly any moviegoers would have had any significant knowledge of characters like Iron Man or Black Panther. Yet, today, you won’t be able to observe someone who cares about the MCU just because of the blockbusters.

Concept art can reveal a lot about the making of a movie. It can show how energetic the creators are or how off track they might have been – and for this situation, it’s largely the previous one. Despite how mind-blowing craftsmanship might seem, they just don’t work with the end result.

Here are some unused concept designs that would have completely changed the Avengers movies.

Ultimate Hawkeye

Ultimate Hawkeye

This Hawkeye setup, made for his appearance in Captain America: Civil War (also by Andy Park), goes down a bit insane. It depends on Hawkeye’s set of the later long periods of The Ultimates, which is both a boring period for comic book fans and Hawkeye.

Not exclusively this element in some of the most horribly terrible Marvel stories in ongoing history, but it wouldn’t be interpreted well in a surprisingly realistic way.

frightening sight

Avengers: Frightening Vision
frightening vision

Vision went through a lot of different looks in pre-production, but this amazing idea (once again from Ryan Meinerding) is way scarier than what we got.

This is largely due to the shading plane – the film has more greens and lighter reds, however, this crafting idea uses the reverse. With such a light outer tone and dull inner shading, Vision is starting to look restless.

Honestly, the big difference and the gorgeous eyes almost make him look vile rather than innocent.

Astral Form of Doctor Strange

Astral Form of Doctor Strange
Astral Form of Doctor Strange

Really, it’s way cooler than anything we’ve got. This idea by artist Ryan Lang is a depiction of Doctor Strange’s astral structure. It’s also a stunning idea – rather than the scary, straightforward outline of the movie, this one uses obvious neon-like lines that etch Strange’s features.

Tragically, however, that doesn’t serve the film’s benefits. Specialist Strange is now a few more freakish leaps than other MCU movies. Amid the clarification of magick, the multiverse hypothesis, and space-time control, the crowd is also expected to understand ‘astral structure’ – an indication of the moving soul. independently of the body.

Cap Decks Ant-Man

Avengers: Cap Decks Ant-Man
Cap Decks Ant-Man

Here’s another unused key case from Captain America: Civil War, once again by the talented Andy Park. This depicts another early phase of the content, where Ant-Man and Captain America would have been rivals. The picture seems to be beautiful. However, it has even less rhyme or reason than the other key case in this recap.

How could Ant-Man agree with Iron Man and the government? He’s an ex-convict vigilante whose values ​​more closely match Cap’s. Maybe he had some other inspiration in the content, similar to the Avengers installment or sign-up. Either way, it probably would have unbalanced the groups, which clarifies his eventual rejection.

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