Valuence launches the worldwide deployment of the MAGO gallery

HONG KONG – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The Valuence Group (Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Shinsuke Sakimoto) (TOKYO: 9270) announced its partnership with MAGO CREATION Inc. (Tokyo; Representative: Mago Nagasaka) to launch MAGO galleries worldwide. Starting with the gallery’s opening in Hong Kong on September 2, 2021, the gallery is expected to expand to Europe and the United States, with the future goal of selling art and therefore achieving a sustainable capitalism as part of a common sustainable development project for the two societies.

A team to identify the best Japanese branded product resale player and Mago Nagasaka

The main objective of the Valuence Group has been to help create a recycling-oriented company through the reuse of luxury branded products, antiques and art. In May 2021, Valuence announced that it had contributed to a reduction in the global environmental burden of 3.47 million tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent of Iceland’s emissions in a single year, or the absorption of 248 million cedars) through this reuse.

Now, as a new sustainability initiative, Valuence has partnered with artist Mago Nagasaka to expand their MAGO gallery around the world. We will be working on launching this gallery worldwide as part of our work on the materialities of the Valuence group of Fostering Future Leaders and Culture & Education. In addition, we will aim to achieve the goal advocated by Mr. Nagasaka of sustainable capitalism through the sale of works of art.

Shared values ​​in the company Visualize sustainability

Mr. Nagasaka creates art using electronic waste collected in the Agbogbloshie district of Ghana, known as the world’s largest cemetery for such waste. Through his art, he accounts for the real conditions of this region and raises related questions. The profits drawn from this art are donated to the inhabitants of this district.

What Nagasaka and the Valuence Group have in common is that they add value to items that are no longer needed, raise issues of overproduction and disposal, and communicate their messages not only at the national level but also at the global level. In view of this, Valuence shares a strong sense of empathy with Mr. Nagasaka’s work and has decided to help expand his gallery around the world in the desire to create an environment where the people of Ghana can. to live true to oneself.

Hong Kong to become a launching pad for gallery expansion in France and the United States

The first MAGO gallery in partnership with Valuence will open in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong on September 2, 2021. The gallery will be installed in the offices of the Valuence International Ltd. group company. in the neighborhood, and operated by the company. The next MAGO gallery is slated to open in Paris, France, in the fall, and two more will open in New York and Los Angeles by the end of 2021.

Towards sustainable capitalism

Sustainable capitalism, a concept advocated by Mr. Nagasaka, refers to the state in which the three cogs of culture, economy and social contribution turn and develop together in a sustainable manner, with the objective of economic development that maintains values ​​shared with local players.

Thanks to MAGO CREATION by Mr. Nagasaka, the Valuence group will distribute part of the profits of MAGO gallery in Hong Kong and other countries to distribute gas masks to people living in Agbogbloshie district in Ghana, to improve education and culture and to achieve sustainable capitalism in partnership with Mr. Nagasaka.

Commentary from Mr. Mago Nagasaka

I am very happy to have the moral support of the Valuence group and to be able to expand this gallery in Hong Kong, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Life is serious for those who live in Agbogbloshie District in Ghana. With the help of those who buy art made from e-waste and other stakeholders, we were able to distribute gas masks and build art museums in the hope that we can help these struggling people. to get by, even a little.

Working hand in hand with Valuence, we will launch these galleries around the world to convey the reality of their predicament, and work to reach more people about our business and underlying concepts with the goal of achieving capitalism. sustainable.

Profile: Mago Nagasaka

Mago Nagasaka was born in Fukui Prefecture in 1984. With the slogan of sustainable capitalism, he creates works of art using electronic waste dumped by advanced countries in the slums of Ghana. Along with his artistic production, he also delivers gas masks to residents of the Ghanaian district of Agbogbloshie, with the aim of helping people whose suffering he has witnessed (high levels of electronic waste, environmental deterioration). , personal health damage and poverty) in what is known as the world’s electronic waste cemetery. He also set up a free school for local children living in the slums, hiring teachers with his own money. In 2019, he opened an art museum exhibiting his own art in the slums. His activities caught the attention of Hollywood documentary filmmaker and Emmy Award winner Kern Konwiser, who would produce the Always a black star documentary on Nagasaka’s efforts. The film would go on to win awards of excellence in four categories at the Impact Docs Awards, a US-based documentary film competition. It is now in preparation for public screenings.

Comment from Valuence Group CEO Shinsuke Sakimoto

Mr. Nagasaka has my deepest respect, as a man who not only took broader action here in Japan, but also used the artwork with his own hands to convey a message to the rest of the world, and continues its activities with an inflexible principle. . With our new gallery openings, it brings me great joy and excitement to be able to participate in his efforts.

Today, Valuence is expanding not only to Japan, but also to the rest of the world, and strives to permeate a circular society among its inhabitants through reuse. We will make sure that the world hears about our work with Mr. Nagasaka and that as many people as possible learn about Ghana and the challenges it faces. In doing this, we will continue our work to help Ghanaians live faithfully to themselves.

MAGO Gallery Opening Media Event in Hong Kong * Media only

To commemorate the opening of the Valuence Group’s first MAGO gallery, MAGO Gallery Hong Kong, we will be holding an opening media event in Japan and Hong Kong.

  • Event Date / Time: September 2, 2021 10:00 a.m. (HKT)

  • Format: Online (URL of the event will be sent to those wishing to participate)

  • Event details (to be confirmed)

    * Event details are subject to change without notice. Thanks for your understanding.

    • Greetings from Valuence Group CEO, Shinsuke Sakimoto

    • Dialogue with Mago Nagasaka and Shinsuke Sakimoto

    • MAGO Gallery Hong Kong Presentation and viewing of works of art

    • Question and answer session

  • To apply: Please access the following URL and complete the form.

    * Deadline: August 25, 2021, 10:59 p.m. (HKT)

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