VCUarts Qatar completes second edition of high school summer program


Students from various high schools in Qatar participated in the second edition of the High School Art and Design Summer Program recently conducted by the Community Education Program at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar ) – a foundation of Qatar (QF) partner.

The online program was run by alumni of VCUarts Qatar.
The course consisted of two phases with an optional third phase.
The first week-long phase – an introductory or core module – aimed to provide insight into art and design.
The second phase spanned two weeks and allowed participants to choose from four of the five streams – graphic design, painting and printmaking, fashion design and interior design – offered by VCUarts Qatar, allowing them to better understand the academic programs.
Subsequently, a few participants chose to continue the optional week-long portfolio development workshop to learn the basics of developing a portfolio of their creative work.
“This year, we are proud of our participants and the level of commitment they have shown,” said Aysha AlKhooheji, Community and Continuing Education Program Manager. “The quality of the artwork they produced is proof that the program brought out the best in every participant. “
“Through careful mentoring, our instructors were able to help participants explore design concepts and apply skills learned in the program,” she added. “And this year, we are delighted to showcase their creativity in an online exhibition created exclusively for this purpose. “
Athba al-Marri, one of the participants, said: “I have always had an artistic bent since I was a child. I saw the summer program as a great way to take things further, explore my options, and improve my skills and experience.
“The program certainly met my expectations,” he said. “As a budding graphic designer, I think this was built on my observation that around the world, art and design are increasingly used both as a means of expression and to address concerns. different segments of the community in which we live and interact with. ”


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