Venom wields new chain attack in local comic book version of the day cover

Jonboy Meyers, who previously worked on the Spawn comics, will be covering Local Comic Shop Day for Venom # 2, which gives Venom some strings.

Within the framework of Local comic day, there will be a special cover variant for Venom # 2. This is the second issue of the highly anticipated upcoming run on Venom by writers Al Ewing (Immortal hulk) and Ram V (Carnage: black, white and blood) with artist Bryan Hitch (The Ultimate). Artist Jonboy Meyers (Marvel Age: Spider-Man) addresses this particular blanket, creating an image of Venom wielding a chain. Meyers has already made a variant of Venom unmasking his new enemy.

New Venom the series takes place after the hors-de-ce-monde King in black event, which saw Eddie Brock become the new King in Black. Now his son Dylan officially takes on the role of Venom in his first series. The main cover for Venom # 2 will be by interior artist Bryan Hitch and there will also be another variation by Ed McGuinness (Spider-Man / Deadpool). The description of the problem also promises that the two Brocks are already going to be pushed to their limits.

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The cover featured on AIPT Comics further underscores how Venom has become in Marvel’s Spawn. Not only is his channel reminiscent of Hellspawn, but cover artist Jonboy Meyers has even worked on Spawn. The coincidence probably refers to the old Venom Writer Donny Cates ‘love of’ 90s comics, the run of which also marks when Dylan went for a seemingly more Spawn-inspired look after bonding with the symbiote. It’ll be interesting to see what new direction the creative team takes with this character, but based on this variation, they seem to be leaning more into paying homage to Spawn. Will the chains really come into play?

Venom # 2 Variant Jonboy Meyers

Local Comic Shop Day is an annual event hosted by ComicsPRO, a non-profit organization seeking to help comic book retailers. The event aims to encourage comic book fans to support their local comic book stores. Some other exclusives that will be at the event this year in addition to the Venom # 2 variant by Meyers, including a Joy Operations # 1 Tyler Boss variant cover, a Magic Master of Metal # 1 variant of Adam Gorham, a Regarding the Oswald body case # 1 Variant of Ryan Sook, a limited edition graphic novel called Chuck D presents Revelation 91: Revolution never sleeps, and one Special Edition Metallica reissued to mark Metallica’s 30th anniversary Black album.

It remains to be seen how things will turn out for Dylan as he serves as Earth’s Venom, though his struggles have started to be seen in the Venom # 1 preview. Readers will also be able to appreciate Eddie Brock’s character as the King in Black. The first issue of Venom will hit comic bookstores on November 10, 2021, and the second issue, featuring the Local comic day variant of Jonboy Meyers, will be available in comic book stores on November 24, 2021.

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Source: AIPT Comics

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