Welcome to Big Ash, vintage fashion’s best kept secret

We experiment with contemporary designers [who] we think we have an edge, like Rick Owens or The Row, and mix that with Supreme or even vintage Alaïa,” she continues. We also have Edwardian and Victorian stuff, but you can also find classic denim jeans. We want to encourage people to find new ways to integrate vintage and contemporary [styles] in their closets.

Williams has a big crush on The People of the Labyrinth, an esoteric Dutch brand of late 90s. Lots of crushed velvet, stretchy tops, hand-dyed screen prints and batik-inspired details,” she swoons. Old favorites also include PunkyFish, Hysteric Glamor and Save the Queen, as well as classic pieces such as Prada and Vivienne Westwood – all of which are available from Big Ash, of course.

The rarest and most special item ever brought into the store was a shirt that Williams purchased from vintage clothing veteran Bob Melet. It had a painting of the Bride of Frankenstein on it, riding a motorcycle through space while holding a little Diet Pepsi,” she says. I kinda regret having sold it…”

In the short time it has been open, Big Ash has already become a destination for savvy buyers looking for gold. And in addition to stocking great clothes, the boutique has also become a hotspot thanks to the community that feels sandwiched within its four walls.

The spirit of the shop is spontaneous, like me,” says Williams. Her pals can often be found hanging out the back, and the space is decorated from top to bottom with artwork made by friends and family. And I also keep a lot of my personal clothes here – the shop has become my second closet!

A little further down the line, Williams sees himself developing in future vintage,” or picking up the best of modern fashion to keep as a dead animal for decades to come. It hurts our heads to think that far – for now, tumble down the rabbit hole and roll off the rails with Big Ash below.

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