We’ve tried Ganni’s best-selling pieces on 3 different bodies

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Danya Issawi

There’s always a time when you can’t escape a mark. In recent years, this brand is Ganni. With Ditte Reffstrup as creative director and founded by Nicolaj Reffstrup, it was around 2018 that the swarm of seersucker dresses, cowboy boots and color-block sweaters flooded our feeds. Giving birth to what the Scandinavian label describes as #GanniGirls (meaning someone who knows their value and personal style, who “has their eye on the prize”).

The Cut Shop team have been following the brand’s trajectory for some time, whether through their collaborations with Juicy Couture, Boy Smells and London label Ahluwalia or landing coveted pieces when the brand is highlighted. sale at one of our favourites. retailers like SSENSE, Net-A-Porter, Shopbop or Outnet. So to see if we really are real #GanniGirls, we reached out to Ganni and asked the brand to share some of their bestsellers with us, then went to try them on to help you figure out if you want to be a Ganni too. #GanniGirl.

Size 8 | Size 10 | Size 4 |Take away food

I took a size large and loved the fit. Sweater vests tend to make me look like Spongebob and boxy, which just isn’t my preference, but the chunky band at the bottom was tight and flattering on me.

Yes. The price is a little high for a sweater, especially if it’s not 100% wool (the fabric is a mix of 45% recycled wool and 20% recycled polyamide), but I loved my appearance and my feeling of comfort.

Why? This cardigan is more than versatile and is an ideal transitional piece as fall approaches. It would look great with a ruffled white blouse or a long sleeve turtleneck or even on its own. It’s a sweater vest that can do it all!

I would size down for this, especially if you want it close to the body. I was surprised by this dress – it’s quite forgiving with lots of stretch.

No. I saw it on the hanger and thought “definitely not”, but once I put it on it quickly became “definitely maybe”. I might wear it once or twice to a party, but I wouldn’t see this dress being a recurring star in my closet. And for the price, it’s not worth it to me.

If you want a tighter fit, I’d go down a size (or go for the one my co-workers tried on), but frankly, with this dress, it depends on how you want it posed. The sample I tried was a little big for me, but I liked the space I had.

No. Although 100% cotton appealed to me and was as airy as possible (perfect for sweltering subway stations in the summer), it just didn’t do me any favors in terms of shape. However, if you like the somewhat shapeless prairie dress look, you will like this. Personally, I can’t see myself wearing one unless the weather turns and gets unbearably hot and the only clothes I can bear to wear are dresses that don’t touch my body (which, given the climate crisis, could happen ). And since fall is already here, it might be too light to layer.

I went up in size in this dress and I’m glad I did, but again there’s a lot of stretch which makes it a little easier to manipulate the size. The fit of this dress really surprised me. I thought I was going to look like a tube sock in this dress and…surprisingly, I didn’t. In fact, I looked, dare I say, a little good. I wish the bodice hugged my midsection a bit more, but I was actually very attached to the low waist, which I didn’t expect.

For a lower price, yes. But since I’m not madly in love with it and the fit is a bit out of my comfort zone, I can’t justify spending nearly half a mile (WTF) on a dress that I won’t wear to the day. least ten times. However, if a friend says to me, “Hey, I don’t want that dress anymore, do I?” I would respond with a “Of course!” I think it’s a perfect dress for day or night and extremely versatile.

I didn’t like the fit because of where it falls on the bottom of the waist. Because of my body type, it was a little boxy on me, and sometimes I like boxy cuts, but for this particular piece, I didn’t. I think the boxy fit would work well if I had a trench coat or something that cinched my waist.

No, only because I’ve never really been a sweater-vest girl. If I absolutely had to wear it, I’d probably style it with a button underneath or layer it with something that would cinch my waist, or I could just have it tailored to make it shorter.

I’m obsessed with the print and would definitely consider their cardigan option.

It was another that surprised me with its perfect fit. I also went down in size because the fabric was bunching up too much, but once I got the size right it hit all the curves and fit well except for the sleeves, which just wouldn’t stop not to fall a bit.

No, that’s not my style. I would probably buy it if the hem wasn’t gathered and wear it with shoes that would add a pop of color.

It was a ten out of ten perfect fit. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, if I needed an LBD that was different from my usual style (which would be a bodycon or blazer-like dress.) I would consider wearing it to work with high heels as I don’t normally wear dresses that hit the calf where it does. It would make me feel a little more chic in the dress.

It fits great, especially if you’re like me and like tight pieces. It hugs the body perfectly up to mid-thigh before flaring out. And I don’t normally do ruffle hems, but something about this one was a little more flattering for me.

This is probably the only dress I would buy out of everything I’ve tried on. This surprised me because, again, it’s not something I would normally wear. I would probably wear it with black shoes for a monochrome look and a bun and a red lip.

I went for size 36, which is a US 4, and it fits perfectly to wear on its own or layered over a button down shirt or graphic tee. Neither too tight nor too loose.

Yes. 100 per cent. A sweater vest is the perfect piece for times of transition. Comfortable enough to protect your torso from cold winds but ventilated enough to not sweat too much while walking in the city or waiting for the metro. At $215, the price is quite steep, but considering all the ways you can wear it, it’s worth it.

Surprising! While I may not be a fan of bodycon dresses, I love poplin dresses and this silhouette goes perfectly with both. According to the sales associate at the brand’s Soho store, this dress is a top seller across all collections – no surprise, since it’s the classic Ganni dress. It has contrast stitching, puff sleeves and smocking. Added bonus: the smock makes it perfect for layering sweater vests (as seen above) without worrying if your dress fabric will make you look too frumpy. Moreover, you can also wear the dress with the back facing forward. This is what I did to get my chest exposed with the v-neck sweater. The more you know!

Yes, next to the sweater. I’ve seen the dress on sale at other retailers like Nordstrom and SSENSE, but now that I know it looks so flattering and is so versatile, I would pull the trigger on this purchase because I know that I will wear it during events, dinners, brunches, ambiance, etc.

Kind of weird. I stuck to my size 36 (US 4), which closed easily and was very tight around the waist, but that shoulder kept slipping down. I mean, it could be a pretty emotionless moment, but it just wasn’t for me.

No. A smaller size would be too tight for me. I can see how (and why) Ganni has capitalized on all of its best-selling silhouettes, fabrics and prints with this one. You have the seersucker fabric, plaid print and ruffles, but that’s a bit too much for my style. If I had to wear it my way, I’d wear it to the office over a white tank top, pants, and a pair of little pointy heels.

I don’t make tight dresses. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It hugs the body perfectly and the gathers allow enough fabric so you don’t feel too compressed. I’d say it’s true to size, especially since you can adjust how tight you want with the string around the neck.

If it was on sale, yes! This dress is way out of my comfort zone, but at a more reasonable price, I would love to wear it to future holiday events.

1. There’s something for every style at Ganni. You just need to know what you are willing to invest in.

2. If you’re looking for puffy dresses, trendy prints and versatile options, this is your stop.

3. The sizing is a bit inconsistent as the silhouettes differ a lot. We suggest you drop by one of their stores and check them out IRL. Their return policy has just three easy steps and is free.

4. They are available at many other retailers, so always do a quick Google search on the specific item you want. You never know who’s going to see your size reduced, which makes buying 100 times more worthwhile.

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