What does fake body mean on TikTok?

MANY trends on TikTok have left people wondering what they mean, the latest being the fake body trend.

TikTok users are adding the term fake body in their captions on the popular app.


TikTok is a video sharing application launched in September 2016Credit: Getty Images – Getty

What does fake body mean on TikTok?

Although users add the term fake body in their TikTok posts, it does not necessarily mean that the video contains a fake body.

On the contrary, the term is used on TikTok to circumvent the application’s censorship system, Distract reports.

If a content creator posts a video that contains revealing clothing, such as a bikini, it will be flagged by the app.

This type of content is at risk of being removed due to TikTok community guidelines.

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Unlike other apps like Instagram and Twitter, TikTok has much stricter community guidelines, especially around nudity.

Twitter is known for allowing users to post much more explicit content compared to Instagram and TikTok.

What are the TikTok community guidelines?

The official TikTok Community Guidelines to be found on the platform’s website.

Regarding nudity and adult content, TikTok states: “We do not allow nudity, pornography or sexually explicit content on our platform”

TikTok’s rules also state, “We do not allow depictions, including digitally created or manipulated content, of nudity or sexual activity.”

In addition to visual content, language is also heavily monitored on the app.

When videos contain swear words and sexual language, they are likely to be removed.

Some examples of how users attempt to circumvent language rules are by writing alternative words.

A user wonders what the term fake body means on TikTok on the app


A user wonders what the term fake body means on TikTok on the appCredit: TikTok

Instead of words like sex, many users use the word “seggs”.

What are TikTok’s age requirements?

App users must be at least 13 years old, in accordance with TikTok’s age requirements.

TikTok’s website states that “In the United States, if you’re under 13, you’ll be placed in our TikTok experience for younger users, which offers additional privacy and security protections designed specifically for that age. audience”.

If users who are not 13 or older are caught posting content outside of the Young User Experience, they will be removed.

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Many younger users often use a co-parenting account in order to get parenting advice.

TikTok was first launched in September 2016 and is owned by ByteDance.

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