Widebody Hyundai i20 R is changing ratings quickly, not for the digital faint of heart


Usually all of Hyundai’s sweet or high-performance creations in South Korea are rated N. Unofficially, however, someone has decided to raise the rating a few levels to the mature “R” category as well.

If you’re 18 and over, chances are you’ve enjoyed mature visual content. Don’t think about the adult shenanigans because we’re all friendly here. Instead, let’s imagine what happened if Deadpool didn’t travel in an American cab. And instead, he used a hot South Korean subcompact sedan – of course assuming Ryan Reynolds’ comic character has a valid driver’s license.

But just in case the superhero movies aren’t exactly on your side, perhaps we can draw a parallel between this unofficial work and Volkswagen’s well-known R Division as well. Maybe that’s what Shashank Das, a virtual artist best known on social media as sdesyn, always intended. Although, sadly, he doesn’t explain the rebranding from N to R for its widebody take on the sweet and fiery little Hyundai i20.

In fact, this is the only detail we would have liked to know more about. The rest of the highlights are crisp and clear, on the other hand. After all, they are well placed in the description. This is a wide body design – we can all see it. And that clearly shames Ford’s Fiesta ST, VW’s Polo GTI, Renault Clio RS … and the list could go on and on. The only problem is that this is just wishful thinking.

Either way, the Hyundai is much closer to the ground than normal, tidy on Rotiform SIX wheels with the right kind of slick tires. And they’re all dressed in black to match some of the aero pieces, providing a wonderfully contemporary contrast to the newly invented body color, which the artist dubbed “Goldstone.”

Nice fly for a little guy, right? Now there is only one mystery left. Does the i20 R still have the 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with over 200 horsepower, or has it been replaced by something bigger and arguably cooler?


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