Will the ‘Gojo’s Past’ arc be in the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0?

Based on the latest Jujutsu Kaisen 0 cinematic trailer, it looks like MAPPA can dive deep into the acclaimed “Gojo’s Past” manga arc.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0‘s new trailer highlights the film’s magnificent animation and more subtle story elements, namely the complex relationship between Yuta and the demonic entity that haunts him. Even so, savvy observers were able to pick out a few quickly spliced ​​scenes that seem to imply the film might dig even deeper into Jujutsu kaisen‘s manga to adapt the acclaimed “Gojo’s Past” arc.

So far, the creators of the film have only confirmed that they will adapt and develop the content in Jujutsu kaisenThe quartet of previous chapters, collectively known as Volume 0. This is pretty much all of the content relating to Yuta Okkotsu’s introduction to the story.

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The trailer hints at the “Gojo’s Past” arc

satoru gojo in front of sukuna

However, this new trailer features a few easy-to-miss scenes that highlight characters and images that are not in volume 0. Instead, the visual content seems to pull small pieces from what could only be the “Gojo’s Past” arc, which spans from chapter 65 to chapter 79 of the Jujutsu kaisen manga.

The trailer follows a fine line, revealing just enough to hint at the arc. For example, the TOHO Animation video features footage of both a young Gojo and a young Suguru Geto, neither of which is mentioned in Jujutsu kaisen Volume 0. In all fairness, you could call it a coincidence, perhaps attributing the appearance of wizards in their youth to a simple flashback or a stray addition to the story. However, the trailer also offers additional and more concrete evidence.

TOHO’s staff included a single, brief shot of young wizards sitting with a woman, apparently a civilian. Based on the context of the shot, as well as the events of the manga, this girl could be the infamous Star Plasma Vessel, a character featured exclusively in the “Gojo’s Past” arc. The appearance of the ship can only mean that MAPPA’s production team is planning to delve into the content featured in the tragic story of Satoru Gojo.

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Why would MAPPA adapt both arcs at the same time?

The decision to adapt the content of “Gojo’s Past” would make a lot of sense from the point of view of the production team. Chapters 65-79 would have been the next chapters to adapt as an anime after the incredible storytelling of chapters 1-64 of season 1. Therefore, it would be natural to adapt the content in the movie in order to create more space for the rest of today Jujutsu kaisen narrative, without interrupting the flow of the story with a long backtracking arc.

Additionally, many fans have speculated that the content in Volume 0 may not be enough to fill the runtime of a feature film. This leads to many questions as to how MAPPA would handle stretching moments or filling time with new developments. Including “Gojo’s Past” in the film alongside the content from Volume 0 would provide a lot of content to adapt into a feature film.

The reason this would work best is that the antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is a character that is primarily explored in the “Gojo’s Past” arc. There is a strong narrative link between these two parts of the Jujutsu kaisen story that could be exploited by MAPPA staff and Gege Akutami.

It doesn’t matter if MAPPA chooses to adapt “Gojo’s Past” in the next one Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, the movie is sure to be a hit. Fans in Japan have already had their first glimpse of the film as global audiences anxiously await an international release date. As more information becomes available, MAPPA’s intention with the story of this film as well as Jujutsu kaisen Season 2 will become clearer.

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