Woman refuses to take boyfriend with swollen feet home at 2am

A woman is celebrated on Reddit after splitting up with a demanding and unreasonable boyfriend.

In a viral post on Reddit’s AITA forum, the woman shared that her boyfriend suffered from severe allergies, which caused various problems in their relationship, both emotional and physical.

In her message, the woman wrote that she had tried to adapt to the situation.

“I’ve had my carpets professionally cleaned five times, bought all new bedding, bought air filters, bought a new couch for my living room, and most recently had hardwood floors installed. frank to replace the carpeted parts.”

Since he was still living with his ex, it was impossible for him to stay at home.

However, the boyfriend’s allergic reactions often caused his feet to swell up, which woke them both up in the middle of the night. Often, the man would decide to take his swollen toes elsewhere.

“When his feet swell, it’s the middle of the night, he wakes me up, and then he’s going to leave,” she explained. “It’s almost always dramatic and it can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours before he decides to go home.”

The woman added that in one instance, when the man had car trouble, he explicitly asked to stay at her place.

Although she had a meeting the next day, she agreed to pick him up, making it clear that she couldn’t take him home in the middle of the night if he had an allergic reaction.

When the couple went to bed that night, the woman took Nyquil out hoping to sleep through the night and feel well rested for their encounter.

“That night around 2am I woke up to see him making loud noises, opening and closing my windows and doors,” she wrote. “I ignored him. He got stronger and then told me his feet were swelling.”

She continued: “I told him I would move my 9-year-old son [who was asleep on the couch] in his room, and he could sleep on the couch. He said no. I told him he could sleep in my 9 year old son’s room. He said no. He said he could sleep in my car. I fell back asleep. I didn’t offer to drive him home.”

In the morning, the woman woke up to several text messages from her boyfriend asking her to take him home immediately.

When she went to the garage to find him, he accused her of “deliberately leaving allergens” in his room and that her careless “behaviors” showed she didn’t really care about him.

Reddit did what Reddit does and users flooded her comments, with many encouraging the woman to end the relationship.

“It looks like the allergen you should be free from,” one user wrote. “He knew he couldn’t drive home. He knew his feet swelled up sometimes at your house. He knew you had an important meeting in the morning. He should have brought money for an Uber to come home home or hotel if needed…or stayed home.”

“Ditch his a–. It’s not worth it,” another person commented.

Reddit’s supportive comments prompted the woman to have a conversation with her boyfriend.

In a follow-up, she shared that she finally confronted him about their issues on a car ride.

Unfortunately, he disagreed. In a fit of rage, he reportedly threatened to “fire [her] car in the median.”

The woman reached her breaking point and decided to break up with him over email.

Redditors praised her for ditching the dude.

“I’m so glad you got out! I think you dodged a major bullet, being [with] He would have made your life hell, and who knows, he might even have tried to turn your own child against you. I’ve seen others stay with people like that, and it never ends well. Happy for you,” someone wrote.

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