WWE 2K22 Development Has WWE Wrestler MoCaps Released


WWE 2K22 will finally arrive in just a few months after two years of development. However, new information about some of the game’s development issues has been introduced by the recent waves of superstar releases from the sports entertainment company.

In one maintenance with Combative selection, recently released WWE Superstars revealed Visual Concepts’ efforts for the realism of the game. One of the former WWE Superstars said he was taken in for several motion capture scan sessions, including some were specifically for his tattoos. This matches the graphics we’ve seen so far in various trailers, including the most recent – The Achievements List Trailer.

However, it also highlights some of the issues that the dev team encountered because of these releases. They committed resources – multiple sessions of motion capture scans – for wrestlers not appearing in the final game. We’ve also seen reports of how recent versions screwed up the Visual Concepts DLC release plans, as they’re now seemingly dry for wrestlers to feature in that post-release content. The interview revealed that there was originally a plan to WWE 2K22 to focus more on NXT, but with the number of releases on NXT’s roster, that may have already been removed entirely.

At present, there are only several dozen confirmed wrestlers to be part of WWE 2K22the list of. It has also been confirmed that GM mode will return in one form or another. Maybe some other features we want to see would still make it to the final cut. We’re waiting impatiently WWE 2K22the exit of March 2022, and we hope Visual Concepts finally succeeds this time around.

Features of WWE 2K22


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