X-Men’s Supreme Demonic Wizard is deceptively adorable in new fan art


The X-Men’s demonic Supreme Sorcerer, who is normally portrayed with an edge of darkness, is deceptively lovable in a new fan art!

The demonic Supreme Sorcerer who became a full member of the X Men, Ilyana Rasputina alias Magik, swaps its normally imposing and intimidating form for a deceptively adorable form in a whole new fan art. Magik has a reputation for spreading fear in her enemies as she obtained the mutant power of teleportation discs and learned the form of summoning demons and creating portals after studying such forms of magic in the realm of limbo. . Using these powers, Ilyana quickly became the Demonic Supreme Sorcerer of the X-Men and now she is taking a much less demonic form in a whole new fan art.


Ilyana made her first appearance in X-Men giant size # 1 but only became Magik in limited series Magik (Ilyana and Storm limited series) by Chris Claremont and John Buscema. In the four-part limited series, Ilyana was kidnapped and taken to limbo by the demon Belasco where she was continually tormented by demons. During this time, Ilyana was able to learn the Summons and to rescue her, was able to use this skill for the rest of her career with the X-Men.

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In a post on Reddit by user csummerss with credit from artist Mike Maihack, Magik is pictured without his usual dark edge, but with an air of levity instead. The artwork itself captures Magik perfectly in terms of comedic precision, with his iconic outfit and mighty sword drawn exactly as they appear so regularly in X Men comic books. Where the artist takes creative liberties is with the tone of the image, making a normally harsh character appear as just plain adorable.

Even though Magik is described as a carefree character in this piece of art, she certainly wasn’t in one of his biggest wins in Marvel Comics, which earned him the title of X-Men’s Sorcerer Supreme for a long time. before this fact is stated in The Death of Doctor Strange Marvel Comics event. In Avengers vs. X-Men, Magik defeated wizard Supreme Doctor Strange as he and the rest of the Avengers attempted to capture Hope Summers lest she become the new host of the Phoenix Force. Ilyana fought and defeated Strange and successfully opened a portal through which the X-Men escaped from the Avengers, on this day marking a victory not only for her personally but for the team she was fighting with.

It’s hard to imagine the Ilyana shown in fan art as a ruthless fighter capable of defeating the world’s greatest wizard, but that’s the beauty of this particular piece because that’s exactly what fans are watching. Ilyana, while certainly an intimidating warrior, is still a life-loving person and overall a normal child. Magik is so often portrayed as the dark and nervous demonic wizard that this piece of fan art is refreshing as it shows the X Men‘s Supreme Sorcerer as deceptively adorable.

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